steinways-gorillaIn the early 1990s pop-punk was king, ok well maybe not king but it was definitely their hay-day. You had Screeching Weasel, The Queers and (my personal favorite) The Mr. T Experience all going strong and being awesome. It’s now the 2000’s. Screeching Weasel is gone, Ben Weasel is still doing stuff but I wouldn’t exactly say its steady business. The Queers had a long off season but they’re not doing too bad themselves (despite the fact that there’s been more members than I can count, luckily Joe Queer is dedicated. And MTX isn’t broken up but they haven’t released an album in five years (and it was another five for the one before that), and they aren’t exactly touring machines now a days. However now that the pop-punk bands of old have become the foundation of greatness instead of the guys still trying to make it out there, there is now a new wave of pop-punk. This time hailing from the East Coast (mostly NY/NJ) instead of the West Coast. We’ve got bands around like The Unlovables, The Copyrights, The Ergs! and the Steinways. Personally I’m a huge fan of this new wave, I can’t get enough good pop-punk, I’m just a sucker for it and I was starting to get pretty bummed when it looked like it was dieing out, and now we’ve got this great resurgence. Which I guess would bring us to this album, “Gorilla Marketing”, not only is this their seventh release (including live CD, 7″s and splits), its also their best. I could tell this album was going to be great right off the bat, I really enjoyed all of the other Steinways stuff but this, this has a GORILLA on the cover!, Granted “Missed the Boat” had a hamburger viking, so it’s a close call for which one is better. The album itself is complete gold. Before this came out to me the Steinways were pretty damn good, after I listened to this album they were immediately my second favorite new-wave-pop-punk band (right behind The Ergs!). I had a whole new appreciation for this band, and after The Ergs! called it quits I figured the Steinways would be the ones that would have to carry the flag of new pop-punk, they were the only ones up to the challenge…..unfortunately the Steinways also broke up so the flag is kind of floating around between a few bands trying to get a grip right now…This album is full of some potential pop punk classics, “Oh My Fucking Gosh” is one of my favorite songs on the album, its catchy and bout girls, everything pop punk needs. “Fuckmarket Pharmacy” is also a classic jam just about being bored, lazy, unproductive and possibly skipping work. “Oh Angela” is also a great tune, and also has a parody line from an Unlovables song with ‘Feeling all emo sense I ran out of weed’. “Attaching Transmittals To Erection Drawings” this might be my favorite all around song on the album, just about being a lazy teenager, or lazy and having no job in general, this gets stuck in my head constantly. “Manhattan Boots” is quality and has possibly my favorite line on the album (that or CGI which I’ll hit in a second. It just rings so true with me personally. “As all the asian girls walk by me straight into my mind”. Finally the last song I’ll single out here is “CGI” because it also has a contender for line of the album with “Let me kiss you in the corner, My mom’s out of town teacher friend’s daughter, Oh I know that in a couple of years your sister’s gonna be hotter”. All in all this is a great album. One which I think became a pop punk essential to own the day it came out. In fact its so damn good I personally own this gem on CD and record. About the only complaint I could come up for this fetching piece of vinyl (or plastic) is that it may be just too damn catchy. Parts of these songs get stuck in my head on a daily basis almost walking that fine line between  blissful and bothersome. Well I guess that’s all I got for now, if you like pop punk, go buy this, right now.

1. Arena Rock
2. Missed The Boat
3. Oh My Fucking Gosh
4. Fuckmarket Pharmacy
5. Oh, Angela
6. Attaching Transmittals To Erection Drawings
7. Half Baked Heartache
8. Manhattan Boots
9. The 400th Blows
10. Good Morning Sunshine
11. It’s My Hair
12. Senior Prom Jr.
13. Good Grief
14. (Nobody Wants To) Make Out (With Me(Because I Wear Sweatpants))
15. CGI
16. The Internal Cowboy

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