ergsbooksOne of The Ergs! many 7″s, one of The Ergs! many GREAT 7″s. When this came out, I rolled down to my local record shop, scooped it up and hurried home to listen. Put the record on, give my first listen to one of my now favorite ergs songs “Books About Miles Davis” after it ended I anxiously flipped over the record to hear the catchy tune “Only Babies Cry”. After this song ended the record was over, so what else could I do besides flip it over once again and give it a second listen. I listened to this record three times before giving it a break from the turntable’s needle. Both songs were quickly learned so I could sing along every time they hit my ears. “Books About Miles Davis” has become a staple of their live set, or rather had become until they broke up. Most of the song being sang by Mikey Erg whilst on the shoulders of someone because there’s no drums till much later where it breaks down into its total awesomeness. On this single I later realized why this was labeled as the “single version” of the song. On the album, there’s an absents of the egg shaker that you hear in here. A minor difference but I actually prefer the “single version”, apparently this was done because the band couldn’t decided if the song was better with or without the egg shaker, but I dig it. The B side, “Only Babies Cry” is a cover song by Paul Baribeau, who’s a great performer in his own right. I was unaware for a long time that this song was a cover because it seemed to fit in so well with the band. I could totally believe this was an Ergs song, they just knock it out of the park when covering it. This unfortunately I only saw preformed once by them, it wasn’t done very often for some reason. This two single was brought to us by the great people over at Whoa Oh Records. While both of these songs are now available on The Ergs! complication record “Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend” however if your an Ergs! nerd you can most likely still find this floating around in its original form if you look hard enough.

a. “Books About Miles Davis”
b. “Only Babies Cry”


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