shortattYou want a pop punk super group? You’ve got it. Attention span too short for those long two minute songs? We’ve got the cure for that too. The answer? Short Attention. A group including members of The Ergs!, Unlovables, Dirt Bike Annie, Steinways, and Slaughterhouse Four. They put out their first ‘album’ on Cold Feet Records in 2007, “Clever, Maddening, & Annoying”. It includes twenty nine songs and clocks in way under twenty nine minutes, every song is under a minute. Some having the title of the sing be longer than the actual song. Speaking of the sing titles, a lot of them are quite great, personal favorites include “I Have An Unhealthy Thing With Asian Girls” and “Dislikes: Anyone Who Drinks Pepsi” – both very true. This come out as a 7″, with a CD included so you get your bang for your buck and everything is catchy as fuck. If you like pop punk and short songs you should already own this.

1. Quit Your Job
2. On The List
3. John Locke
4. Pointless Breakup Song
5. Double Deuce
6. Tortoise And Hare
7. Co-ed Kelly #12
8. Lunch Break
9. Cell Phone
10. Toilet Paper
11. Numbers
12. Detonator
13. You Suck
14. Revolving Door Romance
15. We Just Go On
16. Cabbage
17. Quiz
18. Cabin Fever
19. The Moon
20. Sister Ray
21. Flavor Of Pop Ice
22. Friday Night
23. I Have An Unhealthy Thing With Asian Girls
24. Freakshow
25. Kill The Dj
26. Another Girl
27. Going To The Store
28. Dislikes: Anyone Who Drinks Pepsi
29. Don’t Start A Band

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