REVIEW: Art of the Underground Single Series Volumes 8+27

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ergsaotuThe Ergs! Art of the Underground Single Series Volume 8
Art of the Underground has a single series where they’ll release a 7″ with a couple of songs from a band; they’re generally done on limited releases of about 350 or so. Now a days I think they’re up in the volume 20 something. The Ergs! were the Single Series Volume 8, this remains my favorite one so far, there have been a lot of great ones, like the Steinways one for example I highly recommend…anyway. The Ergs! always equal quality. “Out There” is a really good song but the gem here is “Jazz is Like the New Coke”; this is a great jam, one of my favorite Ergs! songs. Finding this is most likely next to impossible because as I said there was a limited pressing and it was released quite some time ago but you’re in luck! As with almost every Ergs! 7″ this is out on compilation record “Hindsight Is 20/20, My Friend”; you should own it.

1. Jazz is Like the New Coke
2. Out There

steinwaysaotuThe Steinways: Art of the Underground Single Series vol 27
Art of the Underground’s Single Series has really taken off. The Steinways are up for volume twenty seven, there were only three hundred and fifty pressed here so if you see one snatch it up quick. This is my second favorite Single Series release, right behind The Ergs!’s Volume eight. We’ve got two previously unreleased Steinways songs, “Black Lung” and “Headache – Girlfriend = Zero”. Both songs are great, it’s hard to pick a favorite of the two but I think “Black Lung” takes it by a hair. The Steinways are gone at this point and we get no more new tunes by them so enjoy the stuff that’s out already, including this.

1. Black Lung
2. Headache – Girlfriend = Zero

REVIEW: Johnny Cash: American V: A Hundred Highways

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hundredhighwaysJohnny Cash release his first single “Cry! Cry! Cry!”/”Hey Porter!” in 1955, and his last album on July 4, 2006. Three years after his death. Nothing makes it more apparent the great talent the music industry lost than this album. His final may in fact be my favorite Johnny Cash album. Topping both the Billboard 200 and the Country charts at number one in 2006 and produced by Rick Rubin it’s about as pure and soulful as music gets. The album is very heavy on the acoustics and most of the songs are covers the man in black takes and makes every one of them his own. After listening to this album even the original versions of these songs seem almost inferior or like covers themselves. Everything on here seems like it sounds the way it was intended. These twelve tracks compile one of the most depressing albums I’ve ever heard in my life but at the same time everything is so so good that I can’t stop listening to it. I even own this on both CD and record. American Recordings did the country population a great courtesy by releasing Mr Cash’s final five albums, they were some of his best and he’s greatly missed by all. If your a Johnny Cash fan, a country music fan this album belongs in your collection.

1. “Help Me”
2. “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”
3. “Like the 309″
4. “If You Could Read My Mind”
5. “Further On Up the Road”
6. “On the Evening Train”
7. “I Came to Believe”
8. “Love’s Been Good to Me”
9. “A Legend in My Time”
10. “Rose of My Heart”
11. “Four Strong Winds”
12. “I’m Free from the Chain Gang Now”

Get American V: A Hundred Highways from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Crank 2: High Voltage

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crank2Jason Statham the man that has made his living off being a CGI action star and fake martial artist is back! This is Crank! 2! If you’ve seen the trailer for this movie then you probably realize this is not a movie to be taken seriously, that goes out the window as soon as you see Jason Statham hook jumper cables up to his nipple and tongue. That’s the trailer; in the movie you realize this is not to be taken seriously in the first few seconds when they use a video game as the opening sequence. I haven’t seen Crank, no need to, never wanted to. And Jason has this weird thing, all of his movies, the sequel is the best. Take the Transporter series for example. The first one sucked, the second one was great, and the third, blah. The man should just skip a movie and do sequels; you don’t even need a part one, just jump right to part two. As for the movie itself its way more ridiculous than I had expected. Jason Statham falls from a helicopter, his body is stolen and his heart removed to give to some old Chinese guy meanwhile his is replaced with a mechanical one. Sounds like our hero is on top of the world right? The bad news here is that the charge only lasts an hour on the battery, this is the greatest flaw in history because we now get the highlights of the movie as Jason Statham essentially electrodes himself every few minutes throughout the entire movie. He goes on trying to stay charged up long enough to recover his real heart and get it thrown back into his chest. You should not see this movie on an empty stomach, if you have a health condition, pregnant or fear your brain exploding. I imagine this movie is what Hunter S. Thompson’s dreams where like, or nightmares. I’m not sure if I’m recommend seeing this one or not, I’m still kind of reeling from the overload of everything so if you’re a brave soul you can weather it, but if you’re weak and flabby stay very far away this movie may be the end of you.

Get Crank 2: High Voltage from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Observe and Report

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observereportWriter and director Jody Hill, known most recently for the series Eastbound & Down brings us a cop-ish movie starring Seth Rogen, whom we all know from almost every funny movie in the past two years. We’ve also got a couple of cameo appearances by Danny McBride and Patton Oswalt. Seth Rogen is the head of security at a local mall, a pervert flasher is running lose, mall security is trying to handle the situation but the real police are eventually called in and the two do not work well together. Throughout this we find that Seth not actually wanted to be a police officer instead of a mall security guard but he is also bipolar. This combination provides for some strange and sometimes straight up mean comedy, this I am a fan of. During much of the movie the audience I saw this with sat silent or horrified while me and a few others laughed heartily. This movie is hilarious but don’t plan on taking your kids and expecting them not to have a lot of questions about it. However if you found yourself laughing at Robin Williams wheedling a knife and yelling “PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH” in One Hour Photo you can buy your ticket to Observe and Report with no reservations.

Get Observe and Report from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Discount/Cigaretteman

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discountcigarette_splitDiscount was a female fronted pop punk band, they were around from about 1995 to 2000, they put out a lot of great stuff, this is one of they’re great releases. The Discount side of the record is really good, includes two songs “My Milieu” and “I Don’t, I Do, It’s You”. The surprising thing about this split is the Cigaretteman side. Now before I got this I’d never heard of these guys, apparently they’re a Japanese band that called it quits, ironically, about the same time as Discount. This might be hard for some Discount fans to believe but I think the Cigaretteman side is actually better than the Discount side. This band is sooo fucking good. I know they have out a couple other singles but I can’t find them, wish I could because I’d buy them all. They’ve also got two tracks “Something Never Changed Your Mind” and “Fade Away”. I cannot highly recommend this record enough. If you’re into pop flavored punk stuff you’ll dig the fuck out of this.
Discount Side:
A1. My Milieu
A2. I Don’t, I Do, It’s You
Cigaretteman Side:
B1. Something Never Changed Your Mind
B2. Fade Away

Get Something Never Changed Your Mind from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Hatebeak/Caninus – Bird Seeds of Vengeance/Wolfpig


hatebeakcanWaldo The Parrot does vocals for this band. Let me repeat that, Waldo The Parrot does vocals for this band. It’s Hatebeak, and it’s fucking awesome. Ever wondered what a band would sound like with a parrot doing the vocals? Well now all of your questions are going to be answered. Brought to us by Reptilian Records in 2005 they had a hard time keeping this in print. It’s pretty easy to figure out why, when I first heard about this band I determined this was something I must hear, as did a lot of people. Featuring three songs by our fowl fronted ensemble, and all three have some quality names to go along with the quality songs. “Bird Seeds of Vengeance”, “Bird Bites, Dog Cries”, and “Feral Parrot”. These songs are well worth owning this 7″, if you aren’t feeling the band at least you have this for novelty purposes. Now for the bad news, this is a split record. The B side contains a band by the name of Caninus. They kind of have the same idea as Hatebeak just not executed anywhere near as well. Their vocalist are a couple of pitbulls, delivering five tracks of pure boredom. If there’s one thing I learned from this record it’s that birds make much better band members than dogs in the animal kingdom. Even still I’m glad I have this record so I can sit back and embrace the Hatebeak.

1. Bird Seeds of Vengeance
2. Bird Bites, Dog Cries
3. Feral Parrot
4. Abbra Cadaver (intro)
5. Ecuadorians in Disassociate T-shirts
6. Canine Incisors
7. God Eat God World
8. Sensationalize : Demonize

REVIEW: The Steinways: Unoriginal Recipe

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steinwaysunogUnoriginal Recipe out on It’s Alive Records is one of the Steinways oh too few releases. This is some great stuff on here. Featuring a pizza cook on the cover (mmmm pizza is delicious) and six great Steinways tracks this is a must own for a pop punk enthusiast. The first thing I picked up from this group was their ‘Missed the Boat’ CD/10″, I thought it was good, not too long after that I saw this 7″ at my local record shop and scooped it up to see if these guys were still good. This immediately became my favorite Steinways record and stayed that way until Gorilla Marketing came out. Fun, poppy, catchy and fun is what this 7″ is, not much else I have to say about this besides, enjoy!

1. Good Morning Sunshine
2. Twenty Year Old Virgin
3. I Shit (You Not)
4. Sunnyside Up
5. Main Street, Flusing USA
6. Voce Tem Labios De Uma Galinha

Get Unoriginal Recipe from Amazon HERE

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