allguiltyALL: Guilty
Three classic songs released by the mighty ALL on Cruz records about 1994. All three songs on here are great, but the best has got to be the title track of “Guilty”. Catchy song, Chad’s vocals are a little lower than normal but it fits in perfectly with the pounding bassline throughout the song. This is one of my top fifteen Chad ALL songs, I know that doesn’t sound very high but ALL has a ton of great tunes so that’s pretty good. I’m not sure how easy this is to find around but it’s a must have for any ALL fans.

1. Guilty
2. All’s Fair
3. Man’s World

shreenALL: Shreen
In 1997 Cruz Records brought us another great ALL single. Three fucking awesomely great tunes are on this single here. “Shreen” is a classic all song, so so great. “Original Me” is one of my favorites, and “Crucified” is quite execlent as well. You can’t go wrong with ALL and this three track single is probally the best released single by the band.
1. Shreen
2. Original Me
3. Crucified

shesmyexALL: She’s My Ex
Here’s an ALL single from Cruz Records. This isn’t just any single it’s a 12″ single but that’s not the best part, the best part is what the record actually is. This is the “She’s My Ex” single from the mighty ALL. This is my favorite song by the group, its so fucking catchy and perfect. The B side of the record features “Crazy?” which is another quality song. These songs aren’t exclusive or anything, you can find them on ALL albums but it’s just way cool to have because, well because it’s fucking “She’s My Ex” (Scott Reynolds on vocals).

1. She’s My Ex
2. Crazy?

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