deelsleep3Baltimore’s Deep Sleep is here with a much anticipated CD. Featuring a Descendents ‘Two Things At Once’ rip-off cover, and all three of Deep Sleep’s 7″s. Twenty one tracks of pure hardcore/punk songs that are sure to get lodged in your head like shrapnel from a landmine. The guys have been around for a few years and have given us three progressively better 7″s, this CD is a collection of those three EP’s (hence the name). The only problem I have with this anthology of awesome tunes is, like I mentioned earlier the band has gotten better throughout their existence with each release. Here in lies the problem, the CD is laid out like this, tracks 1-6 are from their newest release ‘Paranoid Futures’, 7-13 features the contents of the second release “Manic Euphoria”, as it should, and tracks 13-21 are from the band’s first 7″ “You’re Screwed”. Not to say the CD gets progressively worse, I just feel the best stuff is at the beginning, nothing on here is even close to bad, I just wish it would have been laid out in the reverse order that it is. The booklet is a nice touch to this as well, it features lyrics as well as the cover art for each record this was taken from, so you get more than just your standard ‘here’s our collection CD’ which is way cool. So if you’re into bands that draw from the Adolescents, ALL/Descendents, Big Drill Car, Hard-ons, Hukster Du, Chemical People, Circle Jerks and the Zero Boys then you’re into Deep Sleep. Out on Richmond’s Grave Mistake Records; go get your copy today.

1. On A Slab
2. Out Of Time
3. Static Void
4. Need To Kill
5. Face Down Dead
6. Into My Brain
7. I’m On Top
8. Curbside Breakdown
9. Textbook Timebomb
10. Nothing Left
11. Not Coming Back
12. Manic Euphoria
13. Fast Forward
14. Let Go
15. Lost In Space
16. Alone With You
17. Real Time Blackout
18. Screwed
19. Another Day
20. Checkout
21. Sick Sick Boredom

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