ptdIn the wake of bands like The Ergs! and For Science breaking up Psyched To Die rose from the ashes. Faster, thrasher, angrier and less poppy than any of the pop punk bands that fell to spawn this band; it’s no less fun or catchy. I won’t lie here though, the first time I heard their demo I wasn’t into it. However after a few listens you can’t not sing along to “Permanent Solution” and be glad these guys are here. “Permanent Solution” came over from that demo, and I’m very glad it did as at this point it’s my favorite song by these guys. Psyched To Die is fast, aggressive and fun ‘Sterile Walls’ blasts through seven tracks that are over before you’re ready for the assault to end. A split release from the Virginia/Maryland local labels Grave Mistake Records and Firestarter Records, I recommend getting into this now while you can I have a feeling Psyched To Die is going to be around for a while. And I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing.

1. Onward Armageddon
2. Permanent Solution
3. Five Year Plan
4. OCD Life
5. New Hampshire Man’s Quandry
6. Staged Reality
7. Sterile Walls

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