insub08Insubordination Fest 2008 came and went and once again I could not make it. However this year as last year Insubordination Records is doing CD/DVD sets. This compilation gives you a little bit of everything from this smorgasbord of pop punk tastiness. Things open up with a little bit of a harder edge with Deep Sleep’s top quality jam “Text Book Timebomb”. We’ve also got the last Insubordination Fest appearances from the now broken up Ergs! as well as Dateless. And a soon to be disbanded Steinways has they’re second to last Insubordination Fest (hopefully nothing goes wrong and they show up for this years). Also included are some rare appearances by reunited Doc Hopper, Sweet Baby and Weston. The Audio and Video quality are both much better than last years sets. If you’ve got an extra few bucks in your pocket and like the pop punk style of music you’ll be happy with owning this set.

1. Deep Sleep – Text Book Timebomb
2. Dopamines – Easy Living
3. Dear Landlord – Don’t Just Stand There
4. Off With Their Heads – Die Today
5. Parasites – Young and Stupid
6. The Drunken Cholos – We’d Have a Riot Doing Heroin
7. Kepi Ghoulie – Girlfriend
8. Cletus – I Don’t Mind
9. Ann Beretta – Angry All the Time
10. Copyrights – 57 North
11. The Ergs! – Bill Moon
12. Dateless – Taking Over Me
13. Backseat Virgins – Striptease
14. Proteens – Nothing but Trouble
15. Karmella’s Game – The Pit
16. Chinese Telephones – Stay Around
17. Doc Hopper – Zapruder Frame 313
18. 20 Belows – Look Out Below
19. Lemuria – Mechanicals
20. Leftovers – Dance With Me
21. Steinways – Today is the Day We are Getting Married
22. Zatopeks – Jumble Sale
23. Beatnik Termites – Red Haired Girl
24. The Crumbs – Girl You Make Me Rock and Roll
25. Sweet Baby – Baby x7 (I Love You)/Pretty Baby
26. Weston – Retarded
27. Sludgeworth – Someday
28. Sloppy Seconds – Let’s Kill a Trendy
29. The Queers – Girl About Town

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