prancersThe Ergs! followed up their masterpiece of a record ‘Dorkrockcorkrod’ with the EP, ‘Jersey’s Best Prancers’. The title and album cover are a take from Lifetime’s ‘Jersey’s Best Dancers'; this was an excellent follow up. Released in June of 2006 on Don Giovanni Records it packs seven classic Ergs! tunes. Also as an added bonus we’ve got backing vocals on “Radio K” by ALL’s/Drag the River’s Chad Price! The only problem I have with this release is that it ends way too soon. The last song ends and you’re wondering where the rest of the record is. Half of the time I end up listening to this two or three times in a row just because I need more. On here are a lot of great songs but there are a couple standouts in the opener “Kind of Like Smitten” and the fantastically catchy “Aja”. “Bridge” and “Man of Infirmity” is a couple of great less-poppy jams. Don’t mistake me however, the other three tracks on this are great as well, this is a solid EP. If you don’t own it, you should go out there and find yourself a copy.

1. Kind of Like Smitten
2. Short Stories
3. Aja
4. Fin
5. Bridge
6. Man of Infirmity
7. Radio K

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