vivsayVivian Girls are the return to lo-fi garage rock. A trio of females with haunting songs that make you want to listen to more. This single was what got me into this band; I heard “I Can’t Stay” then immediately bought their album. The single is on In The Red Records and features just two tracks. The A side features “I Can’t Stay”; it’s a great song, not exactly a catchy tune but it leaves you wanting to hear more. I can’t say I care too much for the B side however. It’s “Blind Spot” by Daisy Chain, it’s got more of an off putting feel really, almost a gothyness to it. I’m not quite sure where this song came from it doesn’t quite seem to fit in with most of Vivian Girls stuff. But as bad as the B side of this single is the A side more than makes up for it. The Vivian Girls aren’t for everyone but they’re for a lot of people.

1. I Can’t Stay
2. Blind Spot

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