De La Hoya Retires

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Oscar De La Hoya announced his retirement from boxing on Tuesday, four months after his final bout ended in a one-sided loss to Manny Pacquiao.
“I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s over inside the ring for me,” De La Hoya said at a news conference across the street from Staples Center, where a statue of him stands.

The 36-year-old De La Hoya’s remarkable career including winning a 1992 Olympic gold medal and professional titles in six weight divisions. He also is the highest-grossing star in the history of the sport.

De La Hoya was thoroughly beaten by Manny Pacquiao in December, his fourth loss in his last seven fights. It’s been several years since De La Hoya beat a truly daunting opponent. He finishes with a record of 39-6 and 30 knockouts.

He told an outdoor audience that he’s retiring because it’s not fair to himself or the fans to continue when he can’t compete at the highest level anymore.

The native of East Los Angeles will stay involved in the sport as a promoter with his Golden Boy Promotions company.

  • W-L-D     39-6-0
  • Won by KO     30
  • Won by dec. 10


REVIEW: The Steinways: Missed the Boat

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steinwaysboatPersonally I’m a big reader of Mitch Clem’s web comic ‘Nothing Nice To Say’ (or I am when it’s updated, but I’m not generally one to bitch about that, I’m lazier than Mitch Clem will ever be), really though reading this comic has brought me many things, Mitch has some good taste in music and once in a while you’ll pick up something from his site that you haven’t run across yet. Besides having some quality musical taste Mitch is also a pretty good artist and he uses this power for the good of mankind by not only providing us with comics and flyers but also album covers. He had mentioned on his site that he was doing the cover for a pop punk band called The Steinways, then a few months later he posted the image up on his site….holy shit. I didn’t know what to expect from this cover but I sure wasn’t expecting this. A Hamburger Viking?!? The second I saw it I knew I had to own it. I immediately purchased the CD when it came out and soon after a new Steinways fan was born. I know I’ve said a lot about the album cover, and that’s because it still remains one of my favorite album covers, but don’t think that’s the only good thing about this album, the contents are great too, so good I also own it on record. The record was released as a 10″, in four different colors, Crafty Records and Cold Feet Records were the guy’s kind enough to bring this to the masses. The album itself is comprised of twenty tracks, if you’re familiar with the Steinways you should be aware of how catchy their songs are and how entertaining their lyrics are. The songs themselves are pretty short, once they came out with “Gorilla Marketing” their songs got longer but here with “Missed the Boat” we’ve got tunes that get in, deliver the greatness and get on to the next one. This has some of my favorite Steinways songs “((holy Shit) I Can’t Believe I Still Don’t Have) A Girlfriend”, “I Wanna Kiss You (on The Lips)”, “Dear Girl”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “” (a real site, check it out), and “Carrie Goldberg” to call out a few are absolute classics that will be running over and over in your head while your at work trying to drudge through the mundaneness of life. This is twenty one minutes and thirty one seconds of pure fun.

1. Diogo A-go-go
2. Just Friends
3. Clock Tower
4. Fruitmarket Fantasy
5. A Door, A Bell
6. Ktv
7. Die Die My Children
8. ((holy Shit) I Can’t Believe I Still Don’t Have) A Girlfriend
9. Theme
10. I Wanna Kiss You (on The Lips)
11. …but You’re Really Nice
12. Dear Girl
13. My Dead Aunt
14. Everybody Loves Raymond
15. Tangled Up In Teenagers
17. Why Don’t Jewish Girls Like Me?
18. Warped Tour
19. Carrie Goldberg
20. How To End A Steinways Song

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