wandaBeing a huge Monty Python fan, John Cleese and Michael Palin of Python fame were more than enough to reel me into this movie. As an added bonus we also get Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline, both of which are hilarious in this movie. One reason this movie might be so great is it was also written by John Cleese. I can’t say enough good things about this flick, I probably watched for the first time when I was way too young to, I loved it back then and its still a great movie years later. Story wise it’s what should be a simple diamond theft, through some backstabbing it becomes complicated, and these complications turn into hilariousness for the viewing public. This movie also has a few running gags which I’m a big fan of including Ken’s (Michael Palin) stutter, Otto’s (Kevin Kline) general creepyness/angryness and the poor dog lady, this one needs further explaining. Through some bumbling there turns out to be a poor fellow who needs to be off’ed. Ken gets volunteered to be the hitman in this case, there’s many failed attempts at putting this guy down, each time he seems to be near this lady that has quite a number of small dogs, each failed hit turns into getting one of the dogs killed. Sounds quite cruel but its really funny as fuck. This is one of my favorite comedy movies and has been for years. If you like laughing and don’t have a really shitty sense of humor you should love this one.

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