I just saw the Beatnik Termites again last night, they busted out a pretty sweet Beach Boys cover, in honor of that fun performance here’s a double dose of the Termites.



Beatnik Termites: Schoolboy’s Dream
Schoolboy’s Dream is one of Beatnik Termites few 7″s they put out. Includes five Termites sings, all of which are great. This one includes my favorite Beatnik Termites song “Denise, Denise” its also got the fun tune “Angel Saw Reggies Dick”. All of these songs can be found on Termites albums but the 7″ is still nice to have. If Surf Rock/Pop Punk is your thing you’ll dig some Beatnik Termites.

1. Charle Brown Gets A Valentine
2. Denise, Denise
3. 9:15
4. Veronica
5. Angel Saw Reggies Dick


Beatnik Termites: You’re All Talk / A Girl I Know
Here we’ve got another Beatnik Termites single 7″. This one includes three catchy tunes from the group “You’re All Talk”, “You’re The Only One”, and a live version of “I Don’t Wanna Hang Around”. Most of these can be found on other releases but the live version of the last tune is quite a treat and well worth the few bucks you’ll have to drop down to own this guy.

1. You’re All Talk
2. You’re The Only One
3. I Don’t Wanna Hang Around (live)