hatebeak12004 Reptilian Records unleashed on the world the band known as Hatebeak. On lead vocals, Waldo. He’s a Parrot. And he can fucking wale. I’m not sure how many
pressings of this record there are but I know it was hard to keep in stock for a while. Featuring Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance like cover, it packs two
songs from the feathered creature combo “Beak of Putrefaction” and “God of Empty Nest”. The flip side doesn’t quite deliver, it contains two instrumentals by a puny
human-only band called Longmont Potion Castle. I guess it’s not so bad though, no one is forcing you to flip the record.
1. Beak of Putrefaction
2. God of Empty Nest
3. Metal Interlude #0
4. Metal Interlude #0.5