hardnicehardwasteThe Hard-Ons have been around sense 1981 delivering pop/thrash to the punk masses. When I say they do pop/thrash I don’t mean catchy thrash songs I mean they do both 100%. Some of their songs are straight up thrash monsters while others are poppy as fuck. Generally the band takes these and throws them together on one album; they give you some pop then switch it up to thrash and vice versa. For 2006/2007 they decided to break this off and do two completely different albums the first being their straight pop album “Most People Are a Waste of Time” followed by a total thrash one “Most People Are Nicer Than Us”. I got the pop album way before the thrash one not only because it was released first but because it was much easier to find. This became one of my top Hard-Ons albums quickly, pop punky goodness from start to finish. It’s so catchy I couldn’t stop listening to it for a long time; any pop punk fan should get their hands on this album. The second album came out a year later but I didn’t get my grubby hands on it till almost two years later. I anchiously took the record home, put it in my record player, cranked the volume and let it play. This was the first album to blow my mind sense the last Iron Maiden album. After it was over I listened to it again, and again. I listened to it three times in a row before I have it a break. This is now my second favorite Hard-Ons album, its so goddamn good. It’s angry, rough, almost like musical gravel, and most importantly, it’s great!

Most People Are A Waste of Time:

1. What Would Stiv Bators Do
2. I’m Hurt I’m in Pain
3. There Goes One of the Creeps That Hassled My Girlfriend
4. Crack
5. Knowing My Luck…
6. I’ll Get Thrush or Something
7. Bubble Bath
8. Stop Crying
9. Poorest Kid on the Block
10. But Officer I Was Just Doing My Job
11. Her Smile Is a Wish I Can’t Obtain
12. Ballad of Katrin Cartlidge
13. Cockroach

Most People Are Nicer Than Us:

1. Carrot Top
2. Don’t Fear The Reeperbahn
3. Being Broke Is Fucked
4. My Style Of Attack
5. Punky No-No
6. You Sir, Can Fuck Off
7. Doesn’t That Come In Size Aquaman?
8. Spent The Day In Hell, Was Bored
9. I Got A Cause
10. Bottom Feeders
11. Making Money From Goths Is Easy
12. Dance Parties = Dickhead Fest.
13. Two Laps In Serbia
14. Pretty Soon, I Will Burst Into Flames
15. Rat Face And Buffalo Ass

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