4pnl_folderMy favorite new school pop punk bands played Insubordination Fest 2007, I missed the fest. Insubordination Records released a CD/DVD set of The Ergs! set, I bought it. This is the only official live Ergs! release and it’s quite a treat. Audio and video are quite good, the set list is a little short only including eleven songs, but they squeeze some classics in here. The live version of “Jazz Is Like The New Coke” is a must to hear and it’s quite a treat to hear other great Ergs! tunes live for anyone who hasn’t gotten the honor of seeing them. Opening the set as (almost) always “Things I Could Never Find a Way to Say” to the close “Books About Miles Davis”; it just makes me so much angrier that I missed being here. This captures about 20% of the fun of seeing the Ergs! live, but 20% is a lot better than 0%. This is a must for any Ergs! fan.

1. Things I Could Never Find A Way To Say
2. Kind Of Like Smitten
3. Jazz Is Like The New Coke
4. Bike Shoppe
5. First Song, Side One
6. A Very Pretty Song For A Very
7. Special Young Lady Part 2
8. Most Violent Rap Group
9. Pray For Rain
10. Saturday Nite Crap-O-Rama
11. Books About Miles Davis

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