steinwaysunogUnoriginal Recipe out on It’s Alive Records is one of the Steinways oh too few releases. This is some great stuff on here. Featuring a pizza cook on the cover (mmmm pizza is delicious) and six great Steinways tracks this is a must own for a pop punk enthusiast. The first thing I picked up from this group was their ‘Missed the Boat’ CD/10″, I thought it was good, not too long after that I saw this 7″ at my local record shop and scooped it up to see if these guys were still good. This immediately became my favorite Steinways record and stayed that way until Gorilla Marketing came out. Fun, poppy, catchy and fun is what this 7″ is, not much else I have to say about this besides, enjoy!

1. Good Morning Sunshine
2. Twenty Year Old Virgin
3. I Shit (You Not)
4. Sunnyside Up
5. Main Street, Flusing USA
6. Voce Tem Labios De Uma Galinha

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