hatebeakcanWaldo The Parrot does vocals for this band. Let me repeat that, Waldo The Parrot does vocals for this band. It’s Hatebeak, and it’s fucking awesome. Ever wondered what a band would sound like with a parrot doing the vocals? Well now all of your questions are going to be answered. Brought to us by Reptilian Records in 2005 they had a hard time keeping this in print. It’s pretty easy to figure out why, when I first heard about this band I determined this was something I must hear, as did a lot of people. Featuring three songs by our fowl fronted ensemble, and all three have some quality names to go along with the quality songs. “Bird Seeds of Vengeance”, “Bird Bites, Dog Cries”, and “Feral Parrot”. These songs are well worth owning this 7″, if you aren’t feeling the band at least you have this for novelty purposes. Now for the bad news, this is a split record. The B side contains a band by the name of Caninus. They kind of have the same idea as Hatebeak just not executed anywhere near as well. Their vocalist are a couple of pitbulls, delivering five tracks of pure boredom. If there’s one thing I learned from this record it’s that birds make much better band members than dogs in the animal kingdom. Even still I’m glad I have this record so I can sit back and embrace the Hatebeak.

1. Bird Seeds of Vengeance
2. Bird Bites, Dog Cries
3. Feral Parrot
4. Abbra Cadaver (intro)
5. Ecuadorians in Disassociate T-shirts
6. Canine Incisors
7. God Eat God World
8. Sensationalize : Demonize

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