discountcigarette_splitDiscount was a female fronted pop punk band, they were around from about 1995 to 2000, they put out a lot of great stuff, this is one of they’re great releases. The Discount side of the record is really good, includes two songs “My Milieu” and “I Don’t, I Do, It’s You”. The surprising thing about this split is the Cigaretteman side. Now before I got this I’d never heard of these guys, apparently they’re a Japanese band that called it quits, ironically, about the same time as Discount. This might be hard for some Discount fans to believe but I think the Cigaretteman side is actually better than the Discount side. This band is sooo fucking good. I know they have out a couple other singles but I can’t find them, wish I could because I’d buy them all. They’ve also got two tracks “Something Never Changed Your Mind” and “Fade Away”. I cannot highly recommend this record enough. If you’re into pop flavored punk stuff you’ll dig the fuck out of this.
Discount Side:
A1. My Milieu
A2. I Don’t, I Do, It’s You
Cigaretteman Side:
B1. Something Never Changed Your Mind
B2. Fade Away

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