ergsaotuThe Ergs! Art of the Underground Single Series Volume 8
Art of the Underground has a single series where they’ll release a 7″ with a couple of songs from a band; they’re generally done on limited releases of about 350 or so. Now a days I think they’re up in the volume 20 something. The Ergs! were the Single Series Volume 8, this remains my favorite one so far, there have been a lot of great ones, like the Steinways one for example I highly recommend…anyway. The Ergs! always equal quality. “Out There” is a really good song but the gem here is “Jazz is Like the New Coke”; this is a great jam, one of my favorite Ergs! songs. Finding this is most likely next to impossible because as I said there was a limited pressing and it was released quite some time ago but you’re in luck! As with almost every Ergs! 7″ this is out on compilation record “Hindsight Is 20/20, My Friend”; you should own it.

1. Jazz is Like the New Coke
2. Out There

steinwaysaotuThe Steinways: Art of the Underground Single Series vol 27
Art of the Underground’s Single Series has really taken off. The Steinways are up for volume twenty seven, there were only three hundred and fifty pressed here so if you see one snatch it up quick. This is my second favorite Single Series release, right behind The Ergs!’s Volume eight. We’ve got two previously unreleased Steinways songs, “Black Lung” and “Headache – Girlfriend = Zero”. Both songs are great, it’s hard to pick a favorite of the two but I think “Black Lung” takes it by a hair. The Steinways are gone at this point and we get no more new tunes by them so enjoy the stuff that’s out already, including this.

1. Black Lung
2. Headache – Girlfriend = Zero

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