REVIEW: The Ergs! Blue

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blueToxic Pop and Wall Ride record labels were kind enough to put this 7″ out in 2007. Side A features an Ergs! original tune “Blue”. It’s a great song, about not getting the girl, gets stuck in my head all the fucking time. The B side has a Nirvana cover “Blew” from their debut album, “Bleach”. I don’t want to say I’m surprised this is a good cover, because the Ergs! are great, but one of the last things I’d expect them to cover is a Nirvana song just because they really don’t sound anything like the group. Either way they do a good job covering the song. Both songs being titled after the color of the sky on a fine day, the cover for the record and the record itself are both in fact, blue. Nice touch. As with a lot of The Ergs! 7″s both songs are now available on the compilation record “Hindsight is 20/20, My Friend” but as always it’s nice to have the original. And unless I’m mistaken (wouldn’t be the first time) just over 900 copies of these bad boys were pressed so while not the rarest record in the land it might not be the easiest to find after being out a couple years.

1. Blue
2. Blew

REVIEW: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

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monsterslayerJack Brooks, plumber, fights monsters. I know, sounds like Super Mario Brothers right? Well kind of. Basically Jack was your normal ass kid, well as normal as a kid that goes camping and dancing with his family can be, until one day on one of these dancing camping trips A MONSTER FUCKING ATE HIS FAMILY! Jack ran like a little bitch and that kind of fucked him up in the head. Fast forward to I guess president day and Jack is a man with a girl and a job and some severe anger issues. He’s seeing a doctor to try to fix those issues while taking some sort of collage night class, taught by none other than Robert Englund. Once I saw this movie I realized that now a days Robert Englund will do anything to pay the rent, but fuck it, take the money and run. Robert is the teacher of this class who goes home one day and though some weird circumstances finds a heart buried in his back yard, eats the heart and turns into a jabba the hutt like demon. Jack steps up to the plate to slay this monster and by the end of this ordeal discovers he likes doing this type of thing. So what does he do? What any idiot would, he drops the hot new woman he found during this monster fight and moves to a remote village to fight monsters and live in a hut. If this movie sounds pretty stupid, that’s because it is. It’s not even close to the worst thing I’ve ever seen, not even the worst thing I’ve seen this year but it’s far from the best either. Best thing I can say about this one is it would make some great background noise/movie viewing during a drunken get together.

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REVIEW: Weston: The Massed Albert Sounds

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massedalbertWhat happened to Weston? The pop punk group from PA that gave us so many great tunes and the “Got Beat Up” album dropped this deuce before breaking up. Personally I blame this album for the breakup, they must have listened to it and decided it was the only option. I tried for a long to like this album, I really did, but in the end it just sucks. I told myself for a long time there were at least a hand full of songs that were pretty decent on this album. And I told a lot of people that I solidly stood by the first two songs. But going back recently and giving this another listen I discovered I was skipping a lot of tracks after not being able to listen to them, a lot meaning every single one. So once I found I had blown through the CD in about 2 minutes I gritted my teeth and give it a real listen. My fears were confirmed as I realized this album is really really bad and any one should avoid it by all costs. Luckily not too long ago Weston had a reunion show – which turned into a reunion tour for about two years, and their set list more or less avoided this album.

1. I Just Quit Rock & Roll
2. To Some I’m Genius
3. Kiss Like an Angel
4. Wonderdrug
5. Radio
6. Summer’s Over
7. Liz Phair
8. My Favourite High
9. You Haunt Me
10. Diferente
11. Volume Hater
12. I Just Quit Rock & Roll (Reprise)

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REVIEW: The Ergs! Upstairs/Downstairs

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ergsudThe Ergs! second full length album release was highly anticipated; Dirtnap Records got the honor of releasing this to the masses. I was afraid this album wouldn’t live up to the hype, most of this hype being built up in my mind because their first album is one of my favorite albums of all time. To add onto the build up, in the year leading up to the album the band released a string of great 7″s and splits. As I put on the album it starts out strong as fuck with “Your Cheated Heart”, after that there are a few choice cuts, highlights included “Stinking Of Whiskey Blues”, “Trouble In River City”, “Books About Miles Davis” and the title track, pop punk epic, closer “Upstairs/Downstairs”. I call “Upstairs/Downstairs” the pop punk epic because the run time for this song is over eighteen minutes. Not bad, but not amazing, honestly I was very slightly disappointed. However as I listened to it more and more the album grew on me, quickly. After a short time every song on this album was recognized for its greatness. This seems to be a maturing of the band for this album while still sticking to what they do best, classic pop punk songs. They even threw in a country song here, which is their best country song to date. Unfortunately this would be the Ergs! last full album before breaking up, but it’s a great one.

1. Your Cheated Heart
2. 2nd Foundation
3. Boston, Mass
4. The Clocks The Clocks
5. It’ll Be OK
6. Bike Shoppe
7. Flourescent Stars
8. See Him Again
9. Things I Could Never Find A Way To Say
10. Hysterical Fiction
11. Stinking Of Whiskey Blues
12. Girls Of The Market Square
13. Trouble In River City
14. Books About Miles Davis
15. Upstairs/Downstairs

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REVIEW: The Ergs! Ben Kweller EP

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kwellerThe famed Ben Kweller EP from The Ergs!. I guess you can say this is the band’s first true EP; it’s an arguable remark but close enough. Features a rip-off cover of, whom else, Ben Kweller. Here we’ve got eight songs by one of my favorite pop punk bands. In these eight it has some mega classics including the title track “Ben Kweller”, “Pool Pass” and “Obligatory Song About Killing One’s Boyfriend”. This was recently pressed on vinyl for the first time, the CD has been long hard to find. I’m not sure how many were pressed of this record so scoop up one while you can before it becomes hard to find again. You’ll thank me later.

1. Ben Kweller
2. A Million Perfect Days
3. Ashley Sugarnotch
4. When You’re Squeeze
5. Pool Pass
6. Obligatory Song About Killing One’s Boyfriend
7. NAMBLA Grey Area
8. I’ll Call You When You Think Of Me

REVIEW: The Ergs! Dorkrockcorkrod

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ergs_dorkAh Dorkrockcorkrod (palindrome, spelled the same backward and forward, clever). This album is fucking good. I mean mega fucking good. The Ergs! are one of my favorite bands of all time, and my second favorite pop punk band ever, and this album is peak awesomeness. This is also one of my favorite albums of all time, if you like pop punk or Descendents style greatness, catchy songs about girls this is the album for you. It’s put together so damn well too. In terms of just how the album flows, in my option this is the second best album in history. The only one that does it better is Iron Maiden’s A Matter of Life and Death. So solidly put together you almost can’t just listen to a single song without having to hear the entire thing start to finish. As far as The Ergs! go I have to thank Mitch Clem for he was the man that dropped the name enough times for me to finally check these guys out. I went down to my local record shop and picked up Dorkrockcorkrod, took it home and gave it a listen….Then a few minutes I put it back on the turntable and gave it another spin, and another. I listened to this album at least once a day for a week straight. The next week I went back to my local record shop and picked it up on CD because I had to have it in my car. That was four years ago, and this album is still in constant rotation. Out oh Whoa Oh Records/Don Giovanni Records this may be the best release ever for both of these labels, and that’s not an easy statement, they put out some quality stuff. If you’re not familiar with either I suggest you check them both out, they put out some gems. Back to the album though, it starts out with appropriately titled “First Song, Side One” which goes right into “A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part II”, a perfect marriage of two songs that blend seamlessly like one. This happens quite a few times on this anthology of awesome and I’ve never heard it work so well. It’s simply impossible to have “Pray For Rain” without first hearing “Most Violent Rap Group”, it’d be just wrong and feel like part of the song is missing. Sixteen tracks are listed here, everyone one of them filled with catchy hooks, Descendents style bass lines, memorable lines that will be stuck in your head forever, Simpsons references, and of course, songs about girls. There’s even a Henry Rollins sample on here, what more could you ask for? Even the little songs, such as “Maybe I’m The New Messiah” clocking in at a mere twenty six seconds constantly gets stuck in my head. In short Mikey, Jeff, Joe, I’d like to thank you guys for putting out such a pop punk masterpiece. And anyone who doesn’t yet own this, go buy it, now. I own three copies; you should have at least one. – This record seems like it can be summed up by a line from “Saturday Night Crap-o-rama”; almost as a dedication it seems “To all the lonely hearts I hope they sing along”
Everyone get get this, and sing along!

1. First Song Side One
2. A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part 2
3. Extra Medium
4. Fishbulb
5. Most Violent Rap Group
6. Pray For Rain
7. Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama
8. Running, Jumping, Standing Still
9. It’s Never Going To Be The Same Again
10. August 19th
11. Maybe I’m The New Messiah
12. Rod Argent
13. Everything Falls Apart (And More)
14. Vampire Party
15. I Feel Better Tonight
16. 180 Emotional Ollie

Get it from The Ergs HERE

Get Dork Rock Cork Rod from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Leatherface: Dog Disco

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dogdiscoThe great Leatherface is back with the unmistakable vocals of Frankie Stubbs in 2004 with the ‘Dog Disco’ album; brought to us by BYO Records fans of the band will not be disappointed. This ranks up there with Leatherface’s other great albums and has a couple of my favorite Leatherface songs “Bakelite” and “Plastic Surgery”. For some reason it took me a few months past the release date to pick this one up but I’m glad I finally did (when you consider the cover its baffling that I didn’t buy it day one). People who aren’t familiar with Leatherface might not want to start out with this album but fans are in for a treat. Plus, it’s got a dog wearing sunglasses on the cover.

1. Hoodlum
2. Diddly Squat
3. Heed The Ball
4. Small Yellow Chair
5. Raga
6. You
7. Eggbound
8. Red Diesel
9. Bakelite
10. Plastic Surgery
11. Rabbit Pie Alibi
12. Heart Is Home

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