ergs-hindsightThe Ergs! have been around for a good amount of time, in that time they’ve put out numerous official and unofficial EP’s, 7″s, splits and comps. And sense then many of them have become hard to find or always were. So what the band and Dirtnap Records decided to do was piece together a complication of a lot of this stuff and put it out on one single release, enter “Hindsight is 20/20 My Friend”. This is a must have collection for any Ergs! A must have collection for any pop punk fan. Not only do you get thirty three tracks of some classic material but in the liner notes you have lyrics and some information about almost every song by members of the band.

1. Introducing Morrissey
2. Hey Jealousy
3. Jazz Is Like The New Coke
4. Out There
5. Every Romance Language
6. It’s Like I Say, Y’Know
7. Books About Miles Davis
8. Only Babies Cry
9. I’m In Trouble
10. It’s Ok To Hate Me
11. Linus & Lucy
12. Throttle Boy
13. You Bet We’ve Got Something Personal Against The Steinways
14. More Vocal In The Monitor
15. Not A Second Time
16. Country Skronk
17. Warm & Sharp
18. Out On The Interstate
19. Sneak Attack
20. Million Perfect Dub
21. Blue
22. Blew
23. Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama (Comp. Version)
24. If You Don’t
25. Feeling Minneapolis
26. Bought A Copy
27. 1000 Letters
28. Honolulu Hornrims
29. Nasty Ho
30. Steering Clear In The New Year
31. Beautiful
32. August 19th
33. Steven A. Hinckley Has The Following Items

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