massedalbertWhat happened to Weston? The pop punk group from PA that gave us so many great tunes and the “Got Beat Up” album dropped this deuce before breaking up. Personally I blame this album for the breakup, they must have listened to it and decided it was the only option. I tried for a long to like this album, I really did, but in the end it just sucks. I told myself for a long time there were at least a hand full of songs that were pretty decent on this album. And I told a lot of people that I solidly stood by the first two songs. But going back recently and giving this another listen I discovered I was skipping a lot of tracks after not being able to listen to them, a lot meaning every single one. So once I found I had blown through the CD in about 2 minutes I gritted my teeth and give it a real listen. My fears were confirmed as I realized this album is really really bad and any one should avoid it by all costs. Luckily not too long ago Weston had a reunion show – which turned into a reunion tour for about two years, and their set list more or less avoided this album.

1. I Just Quit Rock & Roll
2. To Some I’m Genius
3. Kiss Like an Angel
4. Wonderdrug
5. Radio
6. Summer’s Over
7. Liz Phair
8. My Favourite High
9. You Haunt Me
10. Diferente
11. Volume Hater
12. I Just Quit Rock & Roll (Reprise)

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