REVIEW: Drag The River/The Dents: Found All The Parts

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dragdentYou like catchy punk bands with female vocals, and you like great country music that makes you thirsty for whiskey but you don’t know which one you want to listen to, what do you do? Well Suburban Home Records has the solution to the problem. Here we have a split with The Dents and Drag The River, each take turns putting a song down on the record; in fact this eight track record only has four songs. After a listen or two you can guess which ones are written by which bands and what songs are the cover versions, I like this idea for a split record. The Dents are a pretty good punk band from Boston with some catchy female vocals, and this is the best thing they’ve ever put out, every track of theirs is really good, however they run into a problem, the problem? The other band on the split is the one and only Drag the River. Too band for the Dents as good as they are Drag the River is simply better. They take each song on here and make it their own, both the songs that are theirs and the ones that are written by the Dents. Drag the River just totally owns this split and they make no apologies for it. Jon Snodgrass & Chad Price from Armchair Martian & ALL respectively are back with their country band bringing us four songs that prepare you to reach for your medicine and calm that dull voice in your head that tells you to stay sober, in the end, as always, the booze wins over the brain and you can settle down with a bottle, listen to this record and know all is well.
1. D.T.R. get over it or get it over with
2. Dents get over it or get it over with
3. D.T.R. Crawling
4. Dents Crawling
5. D.T.R. last one standing
6. Dents last one standing
7. D.T.R. trainwreck
8. Dents trainwreck

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REVIEW: Spiffy discography


spiffysecretSpiffy: Secret

Tony Lombardo was in the Descendents for six years, ‘leaving after I Don’t Want to Grow Up’ was recorded. Fellow ex-Descendents member Ray Cooper joined Tony and Joel Bratton from All Day to create Spiffy. Spiffy released only 7″s to my knowledge. This 7″ ‘Secret’ is the other half of their discography. It has three catchy songs and is my favorite release of their short lived career. I believe this only had about two hundred and fifty releases on Elastic Records but I still see it pop up from time to time in record store. Do yourself a favor and pick it up if you like catchy Descendents, ALL, and Chemical People type stuff.

1. Secret
2. In The Mail
3. Make It


Spiffy: Don’t Know

Tony Lombardo was in the Descendents for six years, ‘leaving after I Don’t Want to Grow Up’ was recorded. Fellow ex-Descendents member Ray Cooper joined Tony and Joel Bratton from All Day to create Spiffy. Spiffy released only 7″s to my knowledge. ‘Don’t Know’ is 50% of the bands discography, released in 1996 this contains two poppy upbeat tunes in the same vain as the Descendents. Spiffy is a band that has been slept on all these years, very underrated, I wish they would have put out more records. This was released on Junk Records and you can still find a copy floating around if you look, spend a couple bucks if you see it, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy this hidden gem.

1. Didn’t Know
2. Intensive Care Unit

Get Spiffy EP from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Necro: Gory Days

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Necro-GoryDaysNecro, for thoes of you who are not fimular with his he’s a rapper of the horror genre, and this is his best fucking album. Now Necro isn’t the greatest rapper of all time, but his songs are fun, sometimes simple, sometimes not, and almost always putrid. His beats however is where this is no argument what so ever. His beats are so amazingly dope, if he would have been content with just being a producer he’d be a millionare by now. A lot of his beats have a horror feel because they’re taken from horror movie soundtracks, and they’re all great. “Scalpel” has one of my favorite beats of all time and is subsciquently my favorite Necro song. This album is pure horror fun though, fourteen tracks about cadavars, and sluts. Out on Necro’s Psycho Logical records it’s got a pretty suprizing distrobution. Now comes with a CD/DVD if you can find it, its not for everyone but if you like it you’ll love it.

1. Bury You with Satan
2. World Gone Mad
3. Light My Fire
4. Circle of Tyrants
5. Dead Body Disposal
6. You’re All Dying
7. All Hotties Eat the Jizz
8. Scalpel
9. 12 King Pimp Commandments
10. Gory Days
11. Poetry in the Streets
12. Don’t Try to Ruin It
13. One Way or Another
14. Morbid

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REVIEW: The Dopamines: The Dopamines

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DopaminesThe Dopamines seem to be the band everybody loves to hate. Luckly there are some people out there that recognize quality music and dig this trio of performers. People either appear to love the Dopamines or hate them. It’s Alive Records likes them enough to put out their album, and I believe we all benifit from it. With this album you get obligatory pop punk Songs about girls. Covered with a frosting of excessive drinking, falling down and getting up. The Dopamines are the catchy, fun, get stuck in your headness of Teenage Bottlerocket combined with the raw rock filled heart of early Screeching Weasel. If you haven’t given these guys a chance yet your really missing out.

1 The Satisfaction Of Physical Retraction From A Chemical Reaction Attraction
2 Molly
3 The Dispatch
4 She’s My Rushmore
5 Fun TagsClick to listen to this song
6 The $50,000 Cigarette
7 Beer Telescope
8 Cupidity
9 Easy Living
10 A Confession Of Obsession With Repression Regression And Depression
11 Mark Ruffalo Is Sooo Dreamy And I’m A Nightmare
12 Dan Teets Runs A Marathon
13 Freedumb Like A Credit Card
14 Navigation Point

Get it from It’s Alive Records HERE

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REVIEW: Municipal Waste/Bad Acid Trip Tango and Thrash

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tangothrashAlright do you want the good news or the bad news first? I’ll pick for you, here’s the bad news. And the bad news has a name – Bad Acid Trip. I’ve listened to this side of the record once, and that was twice too many. Their side of this is so bad that’s all I’m going to say about it, besides the fact that this should have just been a Municipal Waste 7″. Now the good news. Municipal fucking Waste brings they’re best release to us, known as Tango and Thrash we’ve got five thrash-o-raffic songs from the Richmond thrashers, all five about Kurt Russell. This is the greatest tribute record ever, most tributes are some shitty bands covering songs by good bands, and this is Municipal Waste writing songs about a man’s man, Kurt Russell. Each song as the title of a great Kurt Russell movie, its all action and thrash! This is my favorite thing Municipal Waste has ever done, and also features my favorite waste song “Captain Ron (overboard)”! The cover of this record also features a picture of Kurt looking badass as always from Escape from New York. Any thrash/Municipal Waste fan should have this record at all costs; I wish this band still sounded fresh like they did back then.

Municipal Waste
1. Escape from New York (intro)
2. Big Trouble in Little China
3. Captain Ron (overboard)
4. Backdraft
5. Tango and Thrash
Bad Acid Trip
6. You’re no bigger than what annoys you
7. Eptar le gourgeois
8. Who sabotaged Captain Keeanu, orbit whore, and Dr. Scopes’ space ship
9. Hamster ball people of Earth

REVIEW: Jean Mills Society Torch: Start Tomorrow

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jeanmillsJean Mills Society Torch has been around a long time and have released, well not much at all. This doesn’t make them any less great. Punk rock from Maryland with some metal riffs thrown in for good measure. I really like these guys, they put on a good show (as rare as it is) and this is a great release. Members of Spark, Deep Sleep, Jons, Head Home, Paper Dragons you should have some sort of idea what this sounds like if you’re familiar with these groups. A combination of all of these with something extra throw in they have both fun and talent both of which shine through on this. There are a few song that I wish would have made it on here but I can’t argue when they include a song called “Robocop Masturbating”. This features some of the most badass cover art of the year you should be proud to have this record. Support the Maryland local Firestarter Records by going out and picking this up today.

1. Routine Is Mean
2. Pushing The White Box
3. Fight Your Own Fire
4. Headbanger’s Ball
5. Where’s Da Sauce?!
6. Strumpet
7. I Hate Police
8. Pro-choice
9. Public Education
10. Robocop Masturbating

Get it from Firestarter Records HERE

Get Start Tomorrow from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Judas Priest: Rising in the East DVD

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risingeastIf you didn’t get a chance to see Judas Priest in 2005 or if you did and just want to relive the experience here’s your chance. Filmed in May 2005 at Tokyo’s famous Budokan you get twenty three metal filled songs by arguably the best and first metal band of all time. You get a nice mix of songs here so chances are here you’ll get a few you’re hoping for. Also I assume due to Rob Halford’s age and the fact that he’s weighed down by god knows how much weight in leather you get a sweet Halford zombie walk part way through the concert. The only thing I can really knock the DVD for is its obvious that age is starting to wear on Rob as he can’t quite hit all the high notes he use to be able to but it’s still good enough to be metal as fuck. The picture and sound is crystal clear, you get some great camera and light work here. If you’re looking to check out how Rob Halford and the band work together live sense the only singer that can really front this band is back here is your chance. Any Priest fan will not be disappointed however I must say I wouldn’t recommend this for the casual fan as this is a true concert experience not for those who practice false metal!

1. Hellion
2. Electric Eye
3. Metal Gods
4. Riding On The Wind
5. Ripper
6. Touch Of Evil
7. Judas Rising
8. Revolution
9. Hot Rockin’
10. Breaking The Law
11. I’m A Rocker
12. Diamonds And Rust
13. Worth Fighting For
14. Deal With The Devil
15. Beyond The Realms Of Death
16. Turbo Lover
17. Hellrider
18. Victim Of Changes
19. Exciter
20. Painkiller
21. Hell Bent For Leather
22. Living After Midnight
23. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

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