marineOuch, this movie is bad. Like really holy Jesus bad. When it came out it looked bad bad bad, I should have gone with my instincts and stayed away but somehow I was talked into seeing it. I was hoping maybe it’d just be a fun action movie, at the start it seemed like I might be in for some good times. First two minutes of the movie, WWE star wrestler and for this film, star actor, John Cena throws a man through a wall, runs into a room and starts shooting everyone and randomly yelling, fuck yeah, looks like it might be fun. Unfortunately for me, this was basically the highlight of the movie. The effects in the movie are so amateurish and bad, only to be trumped by Cena’s stiff as cardboard acting. I assume the film makers were well aware of this and kept the scenes where he had to emote to a minimum. I haven’t seen such bad serious acting sense Let Li on film delivering poorly executed dialog instead of delivering a series of deadly kicks. Also a low point throughout the movie is the many poor attempts at comedy. Every single “joke” in this film falls flat on its face, even the cheap Terminator reference. You know that rundown body ache feeling you get when you’ve got the flu? Watching this movie almost gives you that feeling. This movie is so lucky it wasn’t released twenty years, if it had been made in the 80’s heyday of action films, it would have just been brushed aside and totally forgotten. The ONLY saving grace of any type in this movie is the fact that it has Robert Patrick in it, a move which I can only chalk up to the fact that everybody’s got bills to pay. I can’t think of any reason I would recommend seeing this movie, I imagine the only people that could have liked it are a niche section of WWE superfans that are blind to the awfulness that makes up this movie. There’s a huge list of more exciting things I can think to do instead of ever watching this movie again, including taking a nap.

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