testpatternblackoutThe Test Patterns are back, this time it’s not just a 7″ we’ve got a full sized 12″ record here. The only bad part it it’s only seven songs. But that’s ok because seven songs are probably all you could handle from this group before you combust from the fun coming out of your speakers. This record goes from zero to catchy about the second you put it on, as it progresses through the first three songs it just gets sweeter, poppyer and more fun. The third track has almost a new wave feel thrown in the background which totally works. We’ve got a great mix between the two singers of the band with this one; I think it’s much more balanced then their previous releases. The B side starts out with a song that has more of a rock n roll feel, which is quickly followed by a song that resembles the Buzzcocks on speed. This is a great addition to any record collection. Anyone that likes fast catchy tunes should look into picking this one up. Out on Tic Tac Totally Records.

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