4pnl_folderThe Steinways played Insubordination Fest 2007, Insubordination was kind enough to release CD/DVD sets of a fair amount of the band that played the fest that year, The Steinways were one. This was great not only do you get a live Steinways CD you get a Steinways DVD too! The price was right as well. We’ve got a thirteen song set including some great pop punk material here. If you’re a fan of the Steinways you should have this, you can still get it pretty cheap off the Insubordination Records site last time I checked, the sound quality is great and video quality is pretty good. With the Steinways broken up it looks like we’re not getting anything else out of them this is a welcome addition to their catalog seeing as they only had a hand full of releases before their split. If you missed Insubordination Fest 2007 you can now at least catch their set on DVD.

1. Die Today
2. Missed the Boat
3. Milk Was A Bad Choice
4. Good Morning Sunshine
5. Oh My Fucking Gosh
6. Fruitmarket Fantasy
7. Dead Boyfriend
8. Dear Girl
9. Are You Fucking Kidding Me
10. Holy Shit
11. Chopsticks McVilla
12. Carrie Goldberg
13. How To End A Steinways Set

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