Psycho Kickboxer“And the Oscars (for everything) goes to………Psycho Kickboxer!” This is what should have been said in 1997; instead they handed out awards like stale candy to crap like Titanic. Just another example of politics ruining the world. This is your classic revenge story, 80’s/early 90’s style. Alex Hunter (played by World Champion kickboxer Curtis Bush), wittiness’s his girlfriend and father killed by thugs working for a crime boss who’s about to go down. Alex is badly injured but saved by a wheelchair bound bitter man bent on revenge for the same crime boss that just killed Alex’s family. Alex is nursed back to health and trained to become ‘The Dark Angel'; a suto-crimefighter, who basically runs around during broad daylight beating up people in a ninja suit. It’s entertainment at its fucking best. Eventually after about an hour or so of being treated to Curtis’s great acting and The Dark Angel’s crime prevention skills, Aleix finally meets up with the men responsible for the death of his dad and girlfriend. This comes to a head with a sloppy put together gauntlet of thugs he has to fight his way through before crushing the windpipe of his family’s slayer. I highly recommend finding a copy of this movie, if you’re not sold on the DVD cover alone then it’s obvious you hate fun and I recommend you go visit a doctor ASAP because there may be something very wrong with you.

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