TomyumgoongTony Jaa spent over an hour and a half kicking ass in Ong-Bak; it was some of the most amazing shit I’d ever seen. Best thing sense Bruce Lee, with Tom Yum Goong coming out people either wondered if Tony would be a flash in the pan or if this would be amazing as well. Pretty quickly you realize this movie is going to be awesome, someone steals Tony Jaa’s elephant and he is pissed. Out to get his elephant back and destroy anyone in his way I realized this movie actually Ong-Bak’s Ong-Bak about the time Tony is trapped in a room with about fifty guys and solves this problem by quickly breaking the bones of every man in the room. This was the first movie that I watched for the first time, than immediately turned it on and watched it a second time in a row, it’s that fucking good. Back in the director’s seat is the crazy Prachya Pinkaew, most likely 50% of the reason this movie rules so hard (the other 50% of course being Tony himself). There’s not much else I can say about this movie besides just HOLY FUCK! If you liked Ong-Bak, marshal arts movies or just pure ass kicking’s, this movie is a must see, must own.

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