SPLDonnie Yen and Sammo Hung team up to make a crime story with Wilson Yip, strap in, this is gonna be good. Here we’ve got a police squad lead by Simon Yam closing in on a big time crime boss played by Sammo. Donnie Yen is the new man in town, he’s coming in to take over the squad, as you might expect this isn’t going too well because the team doesn’t like the new guy taking over. Adding to the complications in order to put Sammo away for good the team of cops decides to frame him, this they’re trying to hide from Donnie. Sammo decides to go on the offence and sends Kenji Tanigaki out as an assassin to take out the team of cops. This in turn triggers the anger of Donnie Yen who doesn’t take too kindly to his new team whom he’s trying to become friends with getting offed, so he decides to go after the assassin and Sammo. This leads to one of the greatest showdowns I’ve ever seen. Once Donnie gets focused he hands out an ass kicking to everyone and asks questions later, making only one mistake when he changes his focus to a bottle of vodka, he may or may not make it past this. The movie contains two endings, one is good the other is great; I’m not going to spoil the end because it works much better as a surprise. If you dig marshal arts movies or crime stories or both you won’t be disappointed with this one.

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