cusplitcovermwsplitcover-cdFirst let me say if you plan on getting this I highly recommend buying the record over the CD. It’s way artwork that is a thousand times cooler, and the track listing isn’t fucked up. I guess I’ll start here with the Crucial Unit side, personally I hate this band. I know a lot of people that like them, but I’ve only gotten all the way through this side of the record twice. It bores and annoys me, this side is very very rarely listened to. Now the Municipal Waste side, if you build a time machine and sent Municipal Waste back to the 80’s they’d fit right in without missing a beat. Or at least this use to be true. Luckily this split comes from their glory days before they signed to Earache. This mammoth of metal edged thrash is on the respectable Six Weeks Records. This is also my second favorite release by the band and has a lot of my favorite Waste songs. Their side is thrash-o-riffic. It’s so fucking good you won’t even give a rats ass that the other side of the record sucks a dick (ironically this is a lot like how their split with Bad Acid Trip works). If your a fan of thrash and/or partying you must own this.

1. Crucial Unit – Five Inches Of Oppression
2. Crucial Unit – I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For No Screamo
3. Crucial Unit – Nine Hundred Samosas
4. Crucial Unit – Wall Of Death The Chain Of Life
5. Crucial Unit – I Heard May Day Was A Riot
6. Crucial Unit – Scrabble Punx
7. Crucial Unit – Million Dollar Thrash Song
8. Crucial Unit – This Machine Kills Buffets
9. Crucial Unit – Thrashaholics Unanimous
10. Municipal Waste – The Garbage Stomp – Intro
11. Municipal Waste – Wicked Fit
12. Municipal Waste – Poser Disposer
13. Municipal Waste – Chemical Artillery – The Toxic Survival
14. Municipal Waste – Insurance Fraud
15. Municipal Waste – Scantron Clamathon – Detention Mosh Session Pt. 2
16. Municipal Waste – Born To Party
17. Municipal Waste – Abusement Park
18. Municipal Waste – Percys Trip To The Dentist
19. Municipal Waste – Haunted Junkyard