spinaltapFirst off, let me say how happy I am that Spinal Tap is back. I’ve greatly enjoyed this band sense it came into all of our lives with the brilliant movie/mockumentary. Sense that time they’ve seemed to be a metal version of the Monkees, they started out as a fake band but sense then have released some albums, toured and almost become a real band. Granted they’re not quite as true as the Monkees, but the Monkees never had to deal with finding a new drummer so often. Onward to the album however, we’ve got a CD release with an included DVD packed in with some stand up cutouts and a stage of the band on the inside all capped off with some amazingly badass cover art, how can you not buy this? The DVD is about an hour long and features interviews of the band about each song on the album, it’s pretty good, definitely captures the life of what Spinal Tap has always been about, I’m really happy this was included. The CD is nineteen tracks of Spinal Tap, cranked up to 11 awesomeness. They’ve got some new songs on here mixed in with some classics such as the best fake metal song ever written “Stonehenge”. I think my favorite track on the entire album though is the title cut “Back From The Dead”, it’s really just a fucking awesome song. Anyone who likes the essence of Spinal Tap or metal in general should be hurrying to their local music store to pick up a copy today.

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