DopaminesThe Dopamines seem to be the band everybody loves to hate. Luckly there are some people out there that recognize quality music and dig this trio of performers. People either appear to love the Dopamines or hate them. It’s Alive Records likes them enough to put out their album, and I believe we all benifit from it. With this album you get obligatory pop punk Songs about girls. Covered with a frosting of excessive drinking, falling down and getting up. The Dopamines are the catchy, fun, get stuck in your headness of Teenage Bottlerocket combined with the raw rock filled heart of early Screeching Weasel. If you haven’t given these guys a chance yet your really missing out.

1 The Satisfaction Of Physical Retraction From A Chemical Reaction Attraction
2 Molly
3 The Dispatch
4 She’s My Rushmore
5 Fun TagsClick to listen to this song
6 The $50,000 Cigarette
7 Beer Telescope
8 Cupidity
9 Easy Living
10 A Confession Of Obsession With Repression Regression And Depression
11 Mark Ruffalo Is Sooo Dreamy And I’m A Nightmare
12 Dan Teets Runs A Marathon
13 Freedumb Like A Credit Card
14 Navigation Point

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