Necro-GoryDaysNecro, for thoes of you who are not fimular with his he’s a rapper of the horror genre, and this is his best fucking album. Now Necro isn’t the greatest rapper of all time, but his songs are fun, sometimes simple, sometimes not, and almost always putrid. His beats however is where this is no argument what so ever. His beats are so amazingly dope, if he would have been content with just being a producer he’d be a millionare by now. A lot of his beats have a horror feel because they’re taken from horror movie soundtracks, and they’re all great. “Scalpel” has one of my favorite beats of all time and is subsciquently my favorite Necro song. This album is pure horror fun though, fourteen tracks about cadavars, and sluts. Out on Necro’s Psycho Logical records it’s got a pretty suprizing distrobution. Now comes with a CD/DVD if you can find it, its not for everyone but if you like it you’ll love it.

1. Bury You with Satan
2. World Gone Mad
3. Light My Fire
4. Circle of Tyrants
5. Dead Body Disposal
6. You’re All Dying
7. All Hotties Eat the Jizz
8. Scalpel
9. 12 King Pimp Commandments
10. Gory Days
11. Poetry in the Streets
12. Don’t Try to Ruin It
13. One Way or Another
14. Morbid

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