REVIEW: Jean Mills Society Torch: Start Tomorrow

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jeanmillsJean Mills Society Torch has been around a long time and have released, well not much at all. This doesn’t make them any less great. Punk rock from Maryland with some metal riffs thrown in for good measure. I really like these guys, they put on a good show (as rare as it is) and this is a great release. Members of Spark, Deep Sleep, Jons, Head Home, Paper Dragons you should have some sort of idea what this sounds like if you’re familiar with these groups. A combination of all of these with something extra throw in they have both fun and talent both of which shine through on this. There are a few song that I wish would have made it on here but I can’t argue when they include a song called “Robocop Masturbating”. This features some of the most badass cover art of the year you should be proud to have this record. Support the Maryland local Firestarter Records by going out and picking this up today.

1. Routine Is Mean
2. Pushing The White Box
3. Fight Your Own Fire
4. Headbanger’s Ball
5. Where’s Da Sauce?!
6. Strumpet
7. I Hate Police
8. Pro-choice
9. Public Education
10. Robocop Masturbating

Get it from Firestarter Records HERE

Get Start Tomorrow from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Judas Priest: Rising in the East DVD

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risingeastIf you didn’t get a chance to see Judas Priest in 2005 or if you did and just want to relive the experience here’s your chance. Filmed in May 2005 at Tokyo’s famous Budokan you get twenty three metal filled songs by arguably the best and first metal band of all time. You get a nice mix of songs here so chances are here you’ll get a few you’re hoping for. Also I assume due to Rob Halford’s age and the fact that he’s weighed down by god knows how much weight in leather you get a sweet Halford zombie walk part way through the concert. The only thing I can really knock the DVD for is its obvious that age is starting to wear on Rob as he can’t quite hit all the high notes he use to be able to but it’s still good enough to be metal as fuck. The picture and sound is crystal clear, you get some great camera and light work here. If you’re looking to check out how Rob Halford and the band work together live sense the only singer that can really front this band is back here is your chance. Any Priest fan will not be disappointed however I must say I wouldn’t recommend this for the casual fan as this is a true concert experience not for those who practice false metal!

1. Hellion
2. Electric Eye
3. Metal Gods
4. Riding On The Wind
5. Ripper
6. Touch Of Evil
7. Judas Rising
8. Revolution
9. Hot Rockin’
10. Breaking The Law
11. I’m A Rocker
12. Diamonds And Rust
13. Worth Fighting For
14. Deal With The Devil
15. Beyond The Realms Of Death
16. Turbo Lover
17. Hellrider
18. Victim Of Changes
19. Exciter
20. Painkiller
21. Hell Bent For Leather
22. Living After Midnight
23. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

Get Judas Priest – Rising in the East from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Spinal Tap: Back From The Dead

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spinaltapFirst off, let me say how happy I am that Spinal Tap is back. I’ve greatly enjoyed this band sense it came into all of our lives with the brilliant movie/mockumentary. Sense that time they’ve seemed to be a metal version of the Monkees, they started out as a fake band but sense then have released some albums, toured and almost become a real band. Granted they’re not quite as true as the Monkees, but the Monkees never had to deal with finding a new drummer so often. Onward to the album however, we’ve got a CD release with an included DVD packed in with some stand up cutouts and a stage of the band on the inside all capped off with some amazingly badass cover art, how can you not buy this? The DVD is about an hour long and features interviews of the band about each song on the album, it’s pretty good, definitely captures the life of what Spinal Tap has always been about, I’m really happy this was included. The CD is nineteen tracks of Spinal Tap, cranked up to 11 awesomeness. They’ve got some new songs on here mixed in with some classics such as the best fake metal song ever written “Stonehenge”. I think my favorite track on the entire album though is the title cut “Back From The Dead”, it’s really just a fucking awesome song. Anyone who likes the essence of Spinal Tap or metal in general should be hurrying to their local music store to pick up a copy today.

Get Back from the Dead from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Hammerlord: Hammerlord

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hammerlordImagine you’re browsing through the CD store, you see a CD with a pretty fucking cool album cover, you go in for a closer look, the name is HAMMERLORD. This is already looking promising, you flip it over, the back cover is even more amazing than the front cover. You flip it back over and a sticker reads “THE NEW LOARDS OF THRASH METAL!!” What do you do? If it’s $9 I think you have to buy it. Granted I normally don’t let stupid stickers reel me in like that but you’ve got to take a chance sometime, and recently my chances have payed off. Only difference is they’re normally at my local record store where the guy running it has good taste, and this was Record and Tape Traders. So did you get burned if you bought this CD? Let me just start out here by saying I think the sticker was marked wrong. It shouldn’t have read “THE NEW LORDS OF THRASH METAL!!” it should been something more along the lines of “THE NEW LORDS OF SHIT METAL!!” This CD is like having diarrhea shoveled into your ear. Half of these songs sound the same, the other half are worse. The vocals sound like Comeback Kid (granted they’re not bad, but they’re not thrash), the music is somewhere mixed up in nu metal, thrash and hardcore, what I like to call a cocktail of shittyness. This has nine tracks on it, luckily we didn’t get into the double digits because not one of them is worth listening to. In fact I’ll admit I haven’t even gotten all the way through more than two songs, I’ve tried, goddamnit how I’ve tried, but it’s just that bad. Take my advice here, it may have a sweet ass cover but save your money for something more enjoyable, like a trip to the dentist.

Get Hammerlord from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Crucial Unit / Municipal Waste – Split

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cusplitcovermwsplitcover-cdFirst let me say if you plan on getting this I highly recommend buying the record over the CD. It’s way artwork that is a thousand times cooler, and the track listing isn’t fucked up. I guess I’ll start here with the Crucial Unit side, personally I hate this band. I know a lot of people that like them, but I’ve only gotten all the way through this side of the record twice. It bores and annoys me, this side is very very rarely listened to. Now the Municipal Waste side, if you build a time machine and sent Municipal Waste back to the 80′s they’d fit right in without missing a beat. Or at least this use to be true. Luckily this split comes from their glory days before they signed to Earache. This mammoth of metal edged thrash is on the respectable Six Weeks Records. This is also my second favorite release by the band and has a lot of my favorite Waste songs. Their side is thrash-o-riffic. It’s so fucking good you won’t even give a rats ass that the other side of the record sucks a dick (ironically this is a lot like how their split with Bad Acid Trip works). If your a fan of thrash and/or partying you must own this.

1. Crucial Unit – Five Inches Of Oppression
2. Crucial Unit – I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For No Screamo
3. Crucial Unit – Nine Hundred Samosas
4. Crucial Unit – Wall Of Death The Chain Of Life
5. Crucial Unit – I Heard May Day Was A Riot
6. Crucial Unit – Scrabble Punx
7. Crucial Unit – Million Dollar Thrash Song
8. Crucial Unit – This Machine Kills Buffets
9. Crucial Unit – Thrashaholics Unanimous
10. Municipal Waste – The Garbage Stomp – Intro
11. Municipal Waste – Wicked Fit
12. Municipal Waste – Poser Disposer
13. Municipal Waste – Chemical Artillery – The Toxic Survival
14. Municipal Waste – Insurance Fraud
15. Municipal Waste – Scantron Clamathon – Detention Mosh Session Pt. 2
16. Municipal Waste – Born To Party
17. Municipal Waste – Abusement Park
18. Municipal Waste – Percys Trip To The Dentist
19. Municipal Waste – Haunted Junkyard

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