SpiritteaserThe first thing you notice here you probably caught in the trailers, Frank Miller was apparently a big fan of the way Robert Rodriguez did the Sin City movie because a lot of The Spirit is done the same way. This was what kind of off put me to the movie, that’s really not The Spirit, but I’m a fan of The Spirit so I needed to check it out. At the opening few minutes of the film you notice the obvious computer animation on some of the action looks goofy and unnatural at times. After that however you quickly notice that the movie has kept a lot of the goofy fun from the comics, which made me breath a huge sigh of relief, so far I’m loving it. The first fight between The Spirit and The Octopus is action mixed with pure comedy. The movie takes a few liberties with the comic property but nothing I can’t excuse, hell The Spirit has been around sense 1940 I’m sure he wouldn’t have any beef with it. The movie’s main star power comes from the main baddie here, The Octopus played by Samuel L. Jackson. I’m actually glad he’s in this movie, it adds some great fun to it, and he almost seems made to play a comic book villain. As mentioned before Frank Miller directed this, also wrote it. He did a pretty good job aside from being pretty unoriginal but at least he didn’t really fuck anything up. Still I can’t help but feel The Spirit was more of a job application to direct Sin City 2 and 3 than it was a movie made for the reasons movies should be made for. Also, Miller seems to have a weird thing with cats in this movie much like John Woo has for pidgins. This movie is also a great example why I don’t like the site Rotten Tomatoes. Everybody goes there; sees the rating and thinks that’s law, most of these ratings I disagree with. Granted based off of the trailer I was expecting the worse for this movie myself but being a fan I actually watched it. The Spirit on that site has a 14% rating, so I wondered why this was giving that rating, their answer? “Though its visuals are unique, The Spirit’s plot is almost incomprehensible, the dialogue is ludicrously mannered, and the characters are unmemorable.” — WHAT? Ok first off, if anything the visuals are not unique at all, all Frank Miller did was rip off Sin City. Sin City’s visuals were unique. As far as the plot being ‘incomprehensible’, whoever wrote that must be a moron because I had no problem at all following the plot, it’s pretty simple. The dialogue being ludicrously mannered, this should be like that, The Spirit is comical, the dialogue makes me smile, and once again, you’re dumb. And lastly “the characters are unmemorable” I guess they’re so unmemorable that it doesn’t matter that we’re making a movie based off a character that came to be almost seventy years ago, real forgettable…Over all I was very pleasantly surprised with this one, I’m glad I finally got a chance to check it out, if you get the chance to see it don’t prejudge like I think most people did (myself included).

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