touchofevilJuly of this year we get a very special treat thanks to Sony Music and Epic Records, a new Judas Priest live album! “Unleashed in the East” is one of my all time favorite live albums so I was definitely eagerly awaiting this one. That being said there are some good and bad things to the album, first I’ll start with my gripes, and there are only two. The first one really isn’t even valid; it’s more of a point than a gripe. Rob Halford is getting up there in age and he isn’t Bruce Dickinson, his voice is starting to show some age. He still sounds really good, just not like he did twenty five years ago, but then again, who does. It’s not like he sounds bad, just don’t expect any glass breaking notes on this one folks. Now the second thing is a real problem. This doesn’t affect the entire album but a good chunk of it, I’m not sure if it was the production or the way it was recorded but it just sounds like you’re standing too close to the speakers. If anyone has ever done this while seeing a band you know exactly what I’m talking about. It doesn’t destroy the album, it’s just somewhat annoying. Flip side here, the good points, some people will bitch about this only being eleven tracks, but if you had anymore you head would explode from the awesomeness. The sound and recording (despite what was noted) is really good, and we’ve got a ton of stuff we haven’t gotten live before. “Judas Rising”, “A Touch Of Evil”, “Prophecy”, “Painkiller” live, count me in. If you’re a Priest fan this should be on your shelf no excuses. If you’re just starting out, get “Unleashed in the East”, then after you’ve broken your CD player with countless plays of that buy a new one and while you’re at the store scoop up “A Touch of Evil Live”.

1. Judas Rising
2. Hellrider
3. Between The Hammer & The Anvil
4. Riding On The Wind
5. Death
6. Beyond The Realms Of Death
7. Dissident Aggressor
8. A Touch Of Evil
9. Eat Me Alive
10. Prophecy
11. Painkiller

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