dragonballevolutionYikes where do I start with this one? Well first let’s get this out of the way, back in the day when Dragon Ball was coming out I, as many other people (most of which won’t admit it) was a fan. So when I heard they were making a movie, I immediately knew it was going to suck. As time drew closer for the release I heard t hat Chow Yun-Fat was going to be playing Master Roshi, instead of this giving me hope, I just felt sorry for Chow Yun-Fat. Directing this train wreck we’ve got James Wong, the man who brought us The One, Final Destination and Final Destination 3, once again, this gave me no hope for the movie despite the fact that I greatly enjoy the Final Destination series. The trailer came out and, well it looked as bad as I figured it would, but I knew the impending doom was coming and I was going to have to watch it. Then the day came, I had to watch this monstrosity of a movie, not only did it live up to my fears, it surpassed them. This movie actually pained me to watch. If I was the type of person that could just turn off movies and leave, I would have done so quickly. But I had to finish with the pain and complete watching the movie. There’s really not one redeemable thing about this movie, in fact this is definitely the second worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life. This movie was worse than Waterwold. I’d say avoid this one at all costs, in fact if you options are having your foot nailed to a board or watching this movie….well, your foot will heal.

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