REVIEW: Inglourious Basterds

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basterdsQuentin Tarantino, just about everyone should know the name by now he’s brought us such movies as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, and Death Proof. Inglorious Basterds is the war movie that Quentin was rumored to have been writing for years now and it’s finally here. It has a few things every Tarantino movie has, a cast that’s scattered with both big name actors (Brad Pitt) and unknowns, both of which do great jobs. We’ve also got a ton of dialog, then again it is a Tarantino movie so you should be expecting that, if you’re not then, well what the fuck are you thinking? One thing that seems to be missing here is it doesn’t appear we have the actor that use to be great that we haven’t seen for a while, normally a staple in Tarantino’s movies, but that’s ok, instead we get Eli Roth as “The Bear Jew”, fair trade. Basically what we’ve got is a team of Jewish solders terrorizing Nazi’s. They catch em, they kill em, and they scalp em. Or if they’re lucky they carve a swastika into their forehead and let em go. That’s only part of the story because we’ve also go the story of a Jewish girl that escaped and has setup shop as owner of a local theater, when a screening of a new German movie is set to happen at her place a plan for revenge is put into action here. What you don’t get in traditional war movies such as big battle scenes in this movie it’s made up for in other awesomeness (for once I won’t give it away here). All in all we’ve got another great movie from one of the biggest cult directors around, we’ll see if this one flips in the box office like the rest of them or if this will be a breakout hit. Oh and the soundtrack rules (cept one song) too.

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REVIEW: District 9

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d9Well if you’ve seen the trailers for District 9 you know exactly what to expect. Actually wait wait, if you’ve seen the trailers for District 9 you have absolutely no idea what you’re getting into because apparently the trailers released were for an entirely different fucking movie. But that’s not to say this is a bad thing, I actually think I preferred the movie that was shown over the one that the trailers were for. So apparently this is the deal, an alien mother ship comes to earth and does nothing. Humans break into it, round up the aliens and put them in a city. After 20 years or so the people in the city are so fed up with the aliens being there they make the government throw them out. So a slum is made for the aliens, while trying to move them out one of the agents gets sprayed with some ‘turn me into an alien’ shit. Naturally after that the government and scientists are after him. Makes for a pretty good flick, if you’re into fun sci-fi-ish movies check this one out, it’s done really well.

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REVIEW: Friday the 13th (remake)

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friday13remakeThey remade Friday the 13th, chances are you’re either thinking “so what it can’t be as bad as some of the sequels”, “Great, this should be awesome!” or “oh fuck”. All of these are valid statements, it turned out somewhere in between all of them. Heading up this project is the brave soul Marcus Nispel, director of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake, the amazing film “Pathfinder” and rumored to be doing “Conan” in 2010. While the remake of Friday the 13th wasn’t bad, it did leave a lot to be desired, but I guess that’s better than it being bad. Really the best way to think about this is just as another sequel. We’ve got the generic storyline, characters we’ve all come to know throughout the years and of course we’re all in it for the killings. This one had a few decent ones but nothing that wowed you. Overall I’d just give it an OK. If you sitting around looking for something to watch and it’s on, check it out, but I wouldn’t go out dropping $20 on the DVD….maybe $10.

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REVIEW: Watchmen

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watchmenThe Watchman, piece that most people will agree that is Alan Moore’s masterpiece. Everyone loves the Watchman comic/graphic novel/whatever you want to call it soooo much, except me. Personally I thought the Watchman kind of sucked, it was boring and the art was ok, but far from great. On to the film, we’ve got two side here it seems, people who love the movie and people who hated it. Recently the hated it side seems to be taking over, neither one of these sides seem to have all of the comic fans on its side, they seem to be split as well. Personally I liked the movie a lot, it was a million times more entertaining than the comic was, it was what a comic movie should be. It really felt like you were watching a comic book, the soundtrack left a bit to be desired but besides that it was greatness. Zack Snyder was back in the director’s chair. Previously he’s done other movies people seem to love or hate, 300 and the Dawn of the Dead remake, both of these I also like. Rumor’s were that Zack was trying to stick as closely to the source material as possible, throwing everything that was on the page onto the screen. I tend to believe this rumor as it seems to check out with that ended up being on screen. As far as the actors over all this area was great but Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian and Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach definitely stole the show. Normally comic movies you’d say if you like comics or if you don’t see this or don’t but I think this one appeals to a wider crowd. I’d say if you’ve got a few hours to burn check it out, you might end up love or hating it.

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REVIEW: Ben Weasel: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

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benbrainLike Ben Weasel, or Screeching Weasel? Like the album “My Brain Hurts”? Ever wished Ben would do a live album? Well here’s the answer to your prayers. Asian Man records brings us “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”, a Ben Weasel live record. Sound quality here is excellent as is the song collection and performance by the punk legend himself. If you answered yes to any of the three questions that we started out with you should immediately seek this out, you’ll enjoy the hell out of it.

1. Making You Cry
2. Slogans
3. Guest List
4. Veronica Hates Me
5. Cool Kids
6. Cindy’s On Methadone
7. Science Of Myth
8. What We Hate
9. Teenage Fashion Show
10. Kamala’s Too Nice
11. Don’t Turn Out The Lights
12. This Ain’t Hawaii
13. I Wanna Be With You Tonight
14. My Brain Hurts

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REVIEW: Dear Landlord: Dream Homes

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dearlandlorddreamhomesNo Idea brings us the album the pop punk community has been going crazy over and rightfully so. Dear Landlord has been one of the best kept secrets for a while now, only releasing a couple of splits, now they’ve come to the forefront with their first full length album “Dream Homes”. If you put in a pre-order with No Idea (or rumor is got it at a show), you also got a bonus 7″ with the album. Top to bottom this is one solid piece of vinyl, or plastic if you have the CD. There’s not enough good things I can say about this band, think somewhere in the vein of the Copyrights (who they share members with), but tighter, faster and better written. This one is going to be on a lot of top year lists, don’t miss out.

1. I Live in Hell
2. Rosa
3. High Fives
4. Lake Ontario
5. Landlocked
6. Doormat
7. Three to the Beach
8. Park Bench
9. Goodbye to Oakland
10. Last Time I Checked
11. Whiskey and Records
12. Lost Cause
13. Begging for Tips
14. A World that We Never Made

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REVIEW: Sick Sick Birds: Heavy Manners

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sicksickheavyThe Sick Sick Birds came from the ashes of a local Baltimore band by the name of the Thumbs. The Thumbs had a great indie rock/pop sound and released a couple of albums before breaking up. Sick Sick Birds are continuing that same indie pop sound but seem to be going at a slightly slower pace. Before this they had only released a split 7″ record, but now thanks to Toxic Pop Records they have an eight song album for us all to enjoy. An album that takes tunes that we were given in the split record and essentially uses them as a stepping stone to get to the level of the songs that are on “Heavy Manners”. I haven’t had this record for too long but it’s already gotten heavy play. It’s a great album that no one should be caught sleeping on unfortunately if you don’t watch out that might just be the case. First pressing we’ve only got four hundred of these. One hundred on baby blue, one hundred on pink and three hundred on black. Don’t miss out!

1. Buildings
2. Your Machine
3. Second To Last
4. Hearts and Their Minds
5. Sometimes It’s the Bone
6. Committees (Need a Champion)
7. I Laid it Down
8. Power Plant

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