hystericaMetalwar by Hysterica is a good album, for starters it’s got a pretty fucking amazing name. As far as the contents of the album we’ve got some female fronted metal with an old meets new feel. Think Girlschool meets power metal. This came at us in June of this year and was a pretty refreshing break seeing as how this year has not been a great one for metal so far (not counting the live Iron Maiden and Judas Priest albums). We’ve got eleven tracks here none of which disappoint, this album should appear to the old metal heads that use to rock out in the 80’s all the way to some new metal fans trying to get a feel for what’s good.

1.We Are the Undertakers
3.Bless the Beast
4.Girls Made of Heavy Metal
7.Wreck of Society
8.The Bitch Is Back
9.Got the Devil in Me
10.Heavy Metal Man
11.Pain in the Ass

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