REVIEW: Vivian Girls: Everything Goes wrong

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vivianwrongThe Vivian Girls and In The Red Records are back with us again. Here we’ve got the follow up to their self titled album, this time with a title, ‘Everything Goes Wrong’. If you heard the first album expect a lot of the same thing (which isn’t a bad thing). If you haven’t heard the self titled here’s what you’re in for. Remember the garage bands of the 90’s? Remember any good ones that were all female? Nope, that’s because I don’t think there was any, luckily now we get one. Seems to once again be recorded real low-fi but with a lot of energy behind it and somehow very catchy. The girls almost sound like they’re holding something back in their songs, probably looking out for you because if they unleashed their full greatness it might blow your head off. This album is most definitely a continuation of the first one as they sound similar. Personally I think I like the first one a little better though, but this is just because of a couple choice songs on the first record. Anyway, if you’re into low-fi female garage bands don’t wait on these girls.

1. Walking Alone at Night
2. I Have No Fun
3. Can’t Get Over You
4. Desert
5. Tension
6. Survival
7. The End
8. When I’m Gone
9. Out for the Sun
10. I’m Not Asleep
11. Double Vision
12. You’re My Guy
13. Before I Start to Cry

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REVIEW: Get in the Game: 8 Elements of Perseverance That Make the Difference

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getinthegameI like Cal Ripken jr, however I think he’s overrated. He totally revolutionized the position of Short Stop (with the help of Earl Weaver putting him there). That part of the infield will never be the same again because of him. Arguably the best person to ever play short stop, arguably one of the best to play the game.

He’s got the streak record, a nineteen time All-Star selection, World Series champion in 1983, two time Gold Glove Award winner (1991, 1992), eight time silver Slugger Award winner (1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1994), two time American League MVP (1983, 1991), 1982 American League Rookie of the Year, two time MLB All-Star Game MVP (1991, 2001), 1992 Roberto Clemente Award, 1992 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award, 1991 Home Run Derby winner, named a member of the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. Also A member of the MLB Hall of Fame, and the Baltimore Orioles have retired his number (#8).

I’d say these speak for themselves as being a great baseball player. However as a writer, not so much. This includes with help from Donald T. Phillips. Somehow they managed to fill 272 pages. Not to say this book is all bad, I got it for free, I’d say I’ve got my money’s worth. It has a lot of great baseball stories in it, they’re sprinkled in between the other shit that’s on the pages. If the book was full of just them it would be excellent, unfortunately they make up about a quarter of the book. The rest of this book is basically Cal Ripken Jr saying how great he is and why he’s so great. I think the right person could have written this book and it may have come off as an inspirational book, however Cal just comes off as a  douche bag. He seems arrogant and totally unreal, which is really weird because he doesn’t come off that way at all when talking about baseball. Hell half of the baseball stories are when he was in a slump of one sort or another. Basically what I’m going for is, if you end up with this book, just skip around to the baseball stuff and avoid the rest unless you want Cal to seem like a dickbag. And Cal, write a baseball book, not a ‘how great I am’ book.

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Book reviews coming soon

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Uncle Critic has been running for 8 months now bringing reviews to the masses. So far we’ve been reviewing movies and music of all types. Soon we will start bringing you book reviews too, so be ready.

REVIEW: Sorority Row

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SororityRowSorority Row is the best 80’s horror movie since ‘Hatchet’. Granted don’t go thinking this is a five star master piece, but the movie turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be. Classic horror, group of slutty collage girls getting picked off. A lot of people I’ve seen have been comparing this to ‘I know What You Did Last Summer’, I guess I can see that but I disagree. Partly because they really only have one thing in common and partly because unlike ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ this movie doesn’t suck. I really only have three gripes about this movie, there was a higher than I like survival rate, could have used more gratuitous nudity and some of the murder scenes seemed to be censored quick cuts. Hopefully this is resolved in a director’s cut but who knows. If you’re looking for a pretty decent flick that doesn’t require too much thinking and you loved movies like ‘Slumber Party Massacre’ you’ll probably wanna check this one out, at the very least, its better than wasting your money on ‘Jenifer’s Body’

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REVIEW: Spork Kills: Beaches Love Us

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sporkkillsI’m a big fan of Louis Logic, dude’s one of my top 5 hip hop artists out there so when I heard he was getting together for a band project I was ready to hear it. What I expected was for it to be great, what I wasn’t expecting was almost an entirely new style of music, not that Lou is like playing a banjo or anything, no instead we’ve got surf rap. You probably read that twice, because it seems weird, and it does sound weird…..weirdly awesome. It’s really too bad we only get a four song EP here because I love Spork Kills, if they play a show anywhere close to me, I’m there. Start to finish we’ve got some great chill songs that have some great ideas and themes. It’s truly a shame once the last song ends because you’ve got to start all over again to get more Spork Kills. “Beaches Love Us” not only gives hint about the content of the CD with the title of it but the album cover also appears to be a nod to the Beach Boys. As a bonus on the EP we’ve got a video for one of the songs, and a great video at that. It’s put out by See The Cheetah! and Double L Management, look for it.

1. Black Widow
2. Blast From The Past
3. Business For Pleasure
4. Night Of The Hip ´n Dead

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REVIEW: Adventureland

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adventurelandDirector Greg Mottola who we know from Superbad brings us Adventureland. Not a star studded movie but you don’t need big names to make a great movie, and this proves it. One thing I will say for this movie that seems to be a trend now a days is its not a comedy but it was marketed as such. Adventureland is about a kid who goes to work at an amusement park, finds a girl, who turns out to be the other woman already involved with a married guy and falls in love with her. More of a romance drama deal but it does have some laughs. Bill Hader is in this one providing most of the comedy. Also appearing is Ryan Reynolds who surprisingly provides no jokes at all. Despite being not the comedy I expected to see Adventureland was pretty great.

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REVIEW: Drag me to Hell

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dragmetohellDrag me to Hell is Sam Raimi’s return to horror, a lot of people were really excited for this one, but not me. Not that I don’t love Sam Raimi’s movies or horror movies but the previews looked awful. I know he’s been into a lot of Japanese horror movies a lot lately and the previews just made it look like Sam’s attempt at that filled with CGI. I’m glad I was wrong. This flick was classic Sam Raimi fun, there was a lot less CGI than I had expected, but as always I hated what was there. Unfortunately there was no Bruce Campbell, that’s ok though. If you had you’re worries about this movie you can put them aside, sit back, relax and have fun watching this one.

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