TBRshadowsI’ve never said this about a band I like before but, Teenage Bottlerocket should break up. “They Came From The Shadows” is their fourth album and it’s another great one. The reason I say they should breakup is I’d rather them go out on top than start releasing bad material. I don’t see this happening but I’ve been blindsided by it before. This latest release had some people worried because it’s a the bigger label Fat Wreck Chrods, anyone who wasn’t sure about it can fear not because this is another stellar performance by Teenage Bottlerocket. This one is a little more “Warning Device” and a little less “Total”, but I think I have to say this is my second favorite by the band to date. And sticking with what I’ve said since the day they signed to Fat, I can see this band getting big, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is their breakout album. It’s catchy and poppy as you’d come to expect from the Wyoming pop punkers but seems to have potential to have a lot more mass appeal than normal. Either way, don’t sit on this one if you like pop punk, because it’s damn good. If you’re looking for the colored vinyl to sooth the record nerd in you I think I’ll have to wish you good luck because there were only 536 on green and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re gone or close to gone by now.

1: Skate Or Die
2: Don’t Want To Go
3: Bigger Than Kiss
4: Do What?
5: Not OK
6: Forbidden Planet
7: Call In Sick
8: Fatso Goes Nutzoid
9: Without You
10: Tonguebiter
11: Be With You
12: The Jerk
13: They Came From The Shadows
14: Todayo

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