MarkedMenGhostsI’ll start off here by saying I’m not a big Marked Men fan, I never really got into their stuff. So when I heard how good this album is I was very sceptical and it took me a long time to check it out, but I finally did. What I found when I listened to “Ghosts” is that this is indeed a really fucking good album. Reminds me a lot of later Dag Nasty stuff (“Minority of One” in particular), and fits in to your pop punk collection with more ease than you might expect. Put out by Dirtnap, this should have clued me into how good this is because they almost always have some quality music to bring to us, this one is no exception. If you’ve slept on this one, its time to wake up and give it thirty minutes of your time.

1. All in Your Head
2. Ditch
3. Fortune
4. My Love
5. I Must Be Dead
6. Head Set
7. Locked Up
8. Not That Kid
9. Stay Away
10. Get to You
11. Ghosts
12. Shaky Ground
13. Red Light Rumors
14. One More Time
15. Blew My Head

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