Andromedaklein7Many of you Dr. Frank fans may know he recently came out with his second book titled “Andromeda Klein”. With that book he released this 7″, which he sort of considers the theme song for the book. This is his first music release since The Mr. T Experience’s “Yesterday Rules” in 2004, so I along with many others eagerly awaited this one. In the book Andromeda met  a boy who at one point writes a song for her, the first song on this record may very well be this song, at least it starts out the same, and the book only gives us the first two lines. The first time I listened to this song I thought it was alright. After a few run through it’s really grown on me, I think having read the book brings something to the song as well. The B side of the single is a song called “Bethlehem”. This song instantly became one of my favorite Dr. Frank solo songs. It has everything that made the world fall in love with MTX. It’s quick, catchy and fun. If I’m making a Dr. Frank greatest hits CD you damn well better believe this song will be on it. Jealous Butcher was the label that put this one out, there were pressings on Red and Black, with Red being limited to around two hundred if I’m not mistaken.

A. Andromeda Klein
B. Bethlehem

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