Name: Mr. T Experience
From: Berkeley, California
Web Site:
Lifespan: 1985–current
Genre: Punk, Pop Punk
Best Release: Love is Dead/…And the Women Who Love Them
Everybody’s Entitled to Their Own Opinion
Night Shift at the Thrill Factory
Making Things with Light
Milk Milk Lemonade
Our Bodies Our Selves
Love is Dead
Revenge is Sweet, and So Are You
Road to Ruin
Yesterday Rules
Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood
Strum ünd Bang, Live!?
Gun Crazy
…And the Women Who Love Them
The Miracle of Shame
So Long, Sucker
Sex Offender
Love American Style
The Mr. T Experience/Sicko split
Tapin’ Up My Heart
Alternative is Here to Stay
The Mr. T Experience/Goober Patrol split
…And I Will Be with You
The Mr. T Experience/Gigantor split
Dr. Frank – vocals, guitar
Ted Angel – guitar
Bobby Jordan – bass
Jym Ruzicka – drums


Mr. T Experience is one of my favorite bands of all time, together with The Queers and Screeching Weasel I consider them the holy trinity of pop punk. Ruling the 90’s on Lookout! Records and playing Gilman Street armed with songs about girls. Dr. Franks lyrics are pretty simple to learn but never boring and always catchy. As far as I’m considered they’re the greatest pop punk band of all time. Through the years they’ve gone through quite a few lineup changes, much like many other punk bands. MTX is still together however very rarely play shows anymore and haven’t toured in years. Hopefully there will be a new release and tour someday, someday soon.