I use to say Slayer should have broken up years ago because they haven’t put out a good album in years. With the new release on Sony, “War Painted Blood” I’m sticking to my guns. The album starts out, and what it does it tricks you. The first half of the first song is actually pretty good, not amazing, but it gives me hope. Too bad it’s all downhill from there. The worst thing about this album is it just sounds like they’re dragging Reign in Blood through the mud. A lot of the riffs sound exactly the same, you can almost feel the band trying to cling onto their former glory. Unfortunately this isn’t Reign in Blood and Slayer continues to hammer their legacy into the ground. No doubt a lot of new metal heads will like this album, but they can go hang out at the mall, listen to System of a Down and suck my dick. Anyone who knows what good metal is won’t be fooled by this rehashed, under thought, excuse for an album.

1. World Painted Blood
2. Unit 731
3. Snuff
4. Beauty Through Order
5. Hate Worldwide
6. Public Display of Dismemberment
7. Human Strain
8. Americon
9. Psychopathy Red
10. Playing with Dolls
11. Not Of This God

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