Grath and Ace from The Steinways, Zack from Off With Their Heads and Dear Landlord and Mikey Erg from the 800 bands Mikey Erg is in join forces to form the newest pop punk super group, House Boat. As you might imagine these guys are great, still primarily Grath’s group it seems so this is some what The Steinways 2.0 but it’s more than that at the same time. As you may also guess from the list of players involved the debut album “The Delaware Octopus” was super hyped by everyone. I am glad I can say this album lived up to the hype. This is easily one of the best releases of the year, if you like pop punk go scoop this one up. Out on It’s Alive Records, when they had the pre-orders posted on the record label’s web site fans were so eager to get it that the web site crashed for three hours. I’ve already listened to this album six times, and I’ve only had it a day.

1. I Watched The Biggest Loser Australia
2. I Work On The 13th Floor
3. Alonelylonelylone
4. Battlestar Gallactica vs. Pop Punk Message Board VI (Grivet Loves Goats)
5. My Guts Have Shit For Brains
6. My Life Hurts
7. Every Day
8. Are You Into Metal?
9. 30 Going On 13
10. All Of The Time
11. A Song For Halfpint To Suck My Balls To
12. Wait, What?
13. Dumbmarket Travesty

Get it from It’s Alive Records HERE

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