Chad Price, former third vocalist for the great band ALL and one half of another great band, Drag The River now brings us his first solo album. This album is more Drag the River than ALL but it’s far from just another Drag the River album. Jon Snodgrass recently came out with his own solo album, which was good but almost sounded just like Drag the River. What Chad does here is carves out his own sound. Armed with an acoustic guitar and some great lyrics we get ten original Chad Price tunes by way of Suburban Home Records. If you’re a fan of Chad Price, Drag the River or just quality acoustic songs be on the lookout for this one.

1. This Cross
2. Cursed
3. With Broken Hearts
4. With Bleeding Wrists
5. Peachy Tuscadero
6. Your Voice Is Music
7. Your Paralyzing Wings
8. Static
9. This War
10. Going Away

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