Top 20 albums of 2009

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Alright this is the first time I think I’ve attempted this, a couple notes first here. I’m leaving ‘Iron Maiden: Flight 666′ of the list here because Iron Maiden is in a league of their own and will always capture the top spot with an unfair advantage. Second note I’m also leaving off ‘Death: For The Whole World To See’ it was released this year but actually happened in the 70’s, so I’m not sure if it qualifies. If I leave it on it would most likely be in the top 5 because it is amazingly awesome. Also I’m not including 4 that would have most likely made it, “R.A. the Rugged Man: Legendary Classics Vol 1″, “Deep Sleep: Three Things At Once”, “Psyched To Die: Year One” and “Drag the River: Bad at Breaking Up” because they are compilations. And lastly I’m not including “Judas Priest: A Touch of Evil: Live” because it is a live album.

1. Parasites: Solitary
2. Dear Landlord: Dream Homes
3. House Boat: The Delaware Octopus
4. Propagandhi: Supporting Caste
5. Teenage Bottlerocket: They Came From The Shadows
6. Wizard: Thor
7. Chad Price: Smile Sweet Face
8. Jon Snodgrass: Visitor’s Band
9. Mean Jeans: Are You Serious?
10. Del The Funky Homosapien: Funk Man (the stimulus package)
11. Sick Sick Birds: Heavy Manners
12. Jetty Boys: Sheboygan (review coming soon)
13. Anvil: This Is Thirteen
14. The Riptides: Tales From Planet Earth (review coming soon)
15. Del the Funky Homosapien/Tame One: Parallel Uni-Verses
16. The Vivian Girls: Everything Goes Wrong
17. Delay: Plain Language
18. The Riverdales: Invasion USA
19. Spinal Tap: Back From The Dead
20. The Apers: You Are Only As Strong As The Table You Dance On

Top 20 Movies of 2009, and the bad

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This year was really difficult, a lot of really good movies came out. Normally you get a ‘Top 10′ but I’m twice as good as them so here’s the Top 20 movies of 2009!  (there’s a couple out right now I need to see, if the list needs amending because of that it will be done.)

1. The Hangover
2. Star Trek
3. Public Enemies
4. Zombieland
5. Inglourious Basterds
6. Observe and Report
7. Black Dynamite
8. Dead Snow
9. Funny People
10. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
11. The Men Who Stare at Goats
12. The Final Destination
13. I Love You, Man
14. Shrink
15. Drag Me to Hell
16. Extract
17. Adventureland
18. District 9
19. (500) Days of Summer
20. Friday the 13th

Aaaand it wasn’t all good, so here’s the bottom rung, the bad.

6. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
5. 12 Rounds
4. Year One
3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

And the worst movie of 2009:
1. Dragonball Evolution

Top 15 EP’s of 2009

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A Top 15 list because it’s better than a Top 10. But there was so much good music that came out this year I had to split it up. This list includes, EP’s, Singles, splits and 7″s – Albums will be a separate list.

1. Hard-Ons With Neil Hamburger: American Exports
2. The Steinways: Art of the Underground Single Series Volume 27
3. Psyched To Die: Sterile Walls
4. Drag The River: Can’t Leave These Strays
5. John K. Samson: City Route 85
6. The Copyrights/The Dopamines: Songs About Fucking Up
7. Transgressions: Waste My Time
8. The Ergs!/The Measure[sa]
9. The Dazes/The Wimpy’s: Greetings from Japan!
10. Barrakuda McMurder: Slow Crawl
11. Spork Kills: Beaches Love Us
12. Drag The River: Under The Influence Vol. 5
13. Sandworms: …it’s a fucking demo
14. The Measure [sa]: Art of the Underground Single Series 37
15. The Apers: Art of the Underground Single Series Volume 28

Releases worth getting Dec 29, 2009

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United States of Tara: Season One


The Clash: London Calling: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Dr. Dre: Detox Chroniclez Pt. 2
Sam Cooke: One Night Stand-Sam Cooke Live at the
Miles Davis: Miles Davis Vol.1
Miles Davis: Miles Davis Vol.2
Charlie Parker: Complete Royal Roost Live Recordings on Savoy 2

REVIEW: Deathsport

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A lot of people will simply write off “Deathsport” as simply another post apocalyptic movie or a “Running Man” rip off. It’s actually both but that is a positive thing here. In 1978 David Carradine starred in this movie, the vision of directors Allan Arkush and Nicholas Niciphor (credited as Henry Suso for some reason). This movie has it all, elements of “Conan” and “The Running Man”, action, adventure, mutants, naked chicks, you just can’t go wrong. David Carradine is a wonder for seemly no reason is hunted at the start of the movie, this quickly leads to a fight scene with a laser that can make people disappear and a obivously plastic sword. From there it movies on to a group of travelers, a little girl gets kidnapped and a woman gets captured much like our star did. They are taken to a city where combat to the death is done for sport. Eventually they end up breaking out and the rest of the movie is a combination of pursuit by our villains, revenge for a mothers  honor and the search for the missing girl. If you’ve got an hour and twenty minutes to kill you can pick much worse ways than watching this. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll actually find yourself being sucked into the movie and wanting to know how it ends, so it’s not a total throw away movie, a lost Carradine gem.

Get Deathsport from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Transgressions: Waste My Time


How good is this Transgressions EP? It’s six minutes long, with six songs, I’ve listened to it a lot. My forty-five minute drive home from work I just listened to it on repeat, that’s about seven times in a row. Then I came home and listened to it again. And this is after I’ve had it for a few days. Ok on to the CD out on Rally Records, you should buy it, now. Why? Well the first song “Braindead” will remind you of when Green Day didn’t suck, this motherfucker is good. The Second track “Going Nowhere” is another Green Day-ish tune but the band is starting to form its own sound now, quick, good, you’ll be singing along in no time. On to “Bored”, this track is fucking awesome as well, about fucking up, getting high, being lazy and just in general not caring. Next up is “wasteoid” this is almost my favorite track on the EP, but not quite. “Wasteoid” has a very Ramonescore sound to it, yet not abandoning that Green Day sound, while still being The Transgressions, confusing as it sounds, it’s not at all. You’ll know the lyrics to this one after two plays, lots of woah’s in it too which is always a plus. Now the title track “Waste My Time” this is my fucking jam. Under a minute running time but it’s got MTX, drinking and not having a girl around, fucking perfect song. Last “I Wanna Be Your Christian Slater” – a faster, punker song, and fucking goofy fun, great ender. This is one of the best things I’ve bought all year.

1. Braindead
2. Going Nowhere
3. Bored
4. Wasteoid
5. Waste My Time
6. I Wanna Be Your Christian Slater

Get it from Rally Records HERE

Get Waste My Time – EP from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Festipals: Gold Magic

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Members from Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine, Dead Mechanical, Sick Sick Birds, Nancy and The AV Club. come together to make the Festipals, a band that’s so far much better than half the ones just mentioned (no disrespect to those bands). The sound is actually somewhere between Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine and Sick Sick Birds. I first saw them perform at Insubordination Fest 2009 where they had some songs available. And now It’s Alive Records does what it does best and brings us a great record. The five song debut 7″ from The Festipals is good good stuff. There’s not a bad song on here. 1000 mixed color vinyl (380 charcoal, 155 black, 125 silver, 105 rust, 60 pink, 50 mint green, 45 cream, 35 cyan, 25 violet, 20 peach)

1. Revolver
2. Pledge This
3. Souvenir
4. Let’s Not Pretend
5. All The Angles

Get it from It’s Alive Records HERE

Get Gold Magic from Amazon HERE

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