Recently post-Steinways band “Barrakuda McMurder” treated us with a downloadable EP. This was a nice surprise as I had pretty much assumed the band was shelved after the release of “Slow Crawl” seeing as how “House Boat” seems to be getting all the attention these days. As you might expect there are two things that stand out from this. One, it’s catchy and awesome. Two, it sounds a lot like the Steinways. These four songs you could pass off to me as a “Steinways” demo and I would believe it. In fact on the front cover it reads “FILE UNDER BASICALLY THE STEINWAYS” But if you were to tell me it isn’t the “Steinways” I’d also believe that seeing as how it is different enough. Notable exception to the “Steinways” sound, the last track, “volcano”. Point is, if you’re a fan of the pop punk go google/MySpace/whatever the fuck and download it.

1. Fuck You, Ms. _______
2. Grace/Period
3. Oh My God, You Guys, My Job Is So Annoying And My Life Is Seriously So Hard (You Guys)
4. Valcano

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